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Gold Shoe Girl is the place for diy ideas, decorating inspiration, furniture redos, home renovations and other creative craziness.  All the things you see on this blog have been done by me (with a little help from the hubby sometimes) so I know that you can do them too.  I hope that my blog will be a resource and inspire you to try something new in your home.  Check out why I named the blog Gold Shoe Girl here.

To get started you may want to check out some of my most popular posts:
Kitchen Reveal is about the updates we made to the kitchen in our previous home.
How to Paint Your Dishwasher gives you step-by-step instructions and some product suggestions.
You can find lots of ideas on the diy wall art page but be sure to check out Printer's Drawer with Seashells as it is one of my all time favorites.

A Little Bit About Me

My family moved from the Buffalo, NY area to the Chicagoland area in August of 2011.  Our 2 previous homes were both 100+ years old and required a lot of updating.  I got a lot of practice painting, stripping wallpaper, changing hardware, calling the pros, and otherwise fixing and updating old rooms.  Our new home is only 15 years old.  It just requires redecorating - well, maybe a new bathroom and a small kitchen renovation and a 2nd floor laundry addition and...well, anyways, I am excited to get started on it and share our experiences with you.

I am addicted to diet pepsi.  Addicted.  Without blinking, I can drink an entire 6 pack in one day and still sleep like a baby at night.

I love to read.  Ever since I was young I have had the bad habit of staying up until the wee hours of the night to finish a particularly great story.  Some of my favorite authors are John Irving, Toni Morrison, William Faulkner and Elizabeth George.  I own a Kindle and I love it.  I mostly read literature, historical novels, biographies, popular fiction, and mysteries.  Not sure where  Fancy Nancy fits into this but she is also a favorite at our house.  

I also read a lot of magazines; Martha, Country Living, Food Network, This Old House, Coastal Living, etc.  And like many of you I love to peruse the Pottery Barn and Ballards for ideas to copy, rooms that inspire, and things to put on my birthday list.

We love to take Sunday drives to look at all the interesting architecture in our city and surrounding areas.  We love all kinds of old houses and old buildings.  It is just a coincidence that these drives often put our children to sleep (the gas money is so worth those couple of hours).

Gold Shoe Girl is my creative outlet.  About a year after deciding to give up my career in banking to stay home with my kids I realized that  I needed something more.  Something separate from the daily grind of raising kids and taking care of the necessities.  When I first discovered the blog world I immediately felt an affinity for a lot of these bloggers who were raising their families but also had their own blogs and/or businesses too.  I am convinced that most of us need both pieces to be truly happy - a fantastic family and a passion of our own.  Hope you stay tuned for my journey.

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