Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Preppy Baby Girl Quilt

Well today's post is going to be short and sweet thanks to some incredibly frustrating crappy internet service we've been having the last 2 days.  This seems to happen every few weeks.  We get a spurt of bad days where the internet in the house is so slow I actually have to use my phone's hot spot to get anything done.  UGH - Comcast - UGH!!!!

Anyways, I made up this quick and cute patchwork baby quilt the other day.  I had bought some of Tasha Noel's Countrygirls collection a while back and never got around to using it until I had a craving to make something in my favorite navy and green palate.  

I decided to go with the checkerboard look on this one because I really like the blues and greens and aquas to pop out.  I think sometimes a quilt can look all muddled if there's not enough white or low volume prints in the palate.

I quilted it criss-cross fashion.  Easily my go to choice for quilting patchworks like this.

The back is a piece of the main novelty fabric from the collection and has the most adorable little girls doing farmy stuff.

The binding is the floral navy print and like usual I machine stitched it on.  I got so lucky to have that little cutie end up sitting just perfect in the corner of the quilt.  

This was such a nice project for me to complete - easy and quick and turned out cute.  Plus it helped me use up some of my stash so I think I may be able to justify a few more purchases in the near future.  Anyone else indulging in Vintage Picnic?

If you're interested this sweet quilt is available in my etsy shop.  

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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  1. I love your checkerboard quilt. Tasha's are my favorite for fast boy quilts. How did you get your quilting so straight? Looks nice, clean and crisp.

    1. Thanks - I just eyeball my straight lines. When the patchwork squares are small I find that I can do it fairly straight without marking it. I put down the needle at the first corner and then line up the diagonal corner and sew.


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