Thursday, February 18, 2016

Two Quick Quilts

Now that I'm into my 4th year of quilting I am finding myself finishing things much quicker.  It's like all of a sudden everything is on the fast setting - cutting, piecing and quilting - all going so fast.  The basting not so much - still hate that part.

So anyways, I have 2 baby quilts to share from this week.  First is this one made from 3 Sisters for Moda's  Whitewashed Cottage collection.

This was made using the cheater print for the front and the pale pink floral for the back.  I wanted to point out to any new quilters or sewers that a cheater print like this one makes a great starting project.  The print looks like a patchwork so all you have to do is put together the cheater, some batting and a backing and quilt away.  A cheater print is also great if you need a quick gift since you don't have to do all the fabric choosing, cutting and piecing that normally would go into a quilt.

I decided to quilt this in a diamond crosshatch pattern.  At first I started quilting around all the faux squares but it became extremely tedious very quickly so I soon deserted that idea and went with the crosshatching instead.  

The binding is the same print as the backing.

My 2nd quilt finished this week is for a baby boy.  Or I suppose it could be gender neutral but I think it leans towards boy.

I used my Daysail by Bonnie and Camille stash for this one but I choose only the geometrics, stripes, dots and script prints - no florals or anything girly in this one.

It's a traditional pattern but the fabrics give it a very modern feel.   The background is a tone on tone white - I like the depth it gives versus my usual plain white backgrounds.  I also used the same print for the back.

I quilted it up and down and side to side across each square.  I think it gives it a nice clean line in keeping with the fabrics.

The binding is scrappy made from all the different colors of the script print which says all kinds of cute nautical words.

This quilt was also very quick because it was just simple HSTs and then regular squares.  I use the non-traditional way of making them so I get 4 at a time.  I pieced them together into bowtie blocks and then put together my rows.  Easy breezy.  Another great beginner quilt.

Also, another good beginner tip I wish I had known - keep the width of your baby quilts to less than 40 inches.  Most of mine end up between 36 and 40 inches.  This way you don't have to piece the back and you can just use a standard yard of fabric for the back.  This makes your quilts go a lot faster and easier.

The floral baby girl quilt and the nautical baby boy quilt are both listed in my etsy shop for sale.  

By the way, if you want to see the things I am working on a daily basis including some behind the scenes pics then be sure to follow me on Instagram too.  

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Preppy Baby Girl Quilt

Well today's post is going to be short and sweet thanks to some incredibly frustrating crappy internet service we've been having the last 2 days.  This seems to happen every few weeks.  We get a spurt of bad days where the internet in the house is so slow I actually have to use my phone's hot spot to get anything done.  UGH - Comcast - UGH!!!!

Anyways, I made up this quick and cute patchwork baby quilt the other day.  I had bought some of Tasha Noel's Countrygirls collection a while back and never got around to using it until I had a craving to make something in my favorite navy and green palate.  

I decided to go with the checkerboard look on this one because I really like the blues and greens and aquas to pop out.  I think sometimes a quilt can look all muddled if there's not enough white or low volume prints in the palate.

I quilted it criss-cross fashion.  Easily my go to choice for quilting patchworks like this.

The back is a piece of the main novelty fabric from the collection and has the most adorable little girls doing farmy stuff.

The binding is the floral navy print and like usual I machine stitched it on.  I got so lucky to have that little cutie end up sitting just perfect in the corner of the quilt.  

This was such a nice project for me to complete - easy and quick and turned out cute.  Plus it helped me use up some of my stash so I think I may be able to justify a few more purchases in the near future.  Anyone else indulging in Vintage Picnic?

If you're interested this sweet quilt is available in my etsy shop.  

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Sweet Strawberry Fields Throw Quilt

If you've been following me on Instagram you know that I finished this one a week ago.  I really, really, really love it.  It's one of those that you see it in your mind and then it turns out just how you envisioned it.  The fabrics and the pattern really work well together.

The pattern is Radiant by April Rosenthal.  I didn't really follow the pattern but used it as the design basis.  I wanted my quilt to finish larger and I didn't use charm packs to construct it.  I had bought a fat quarter bundle and some yardage of Fig Tree & Company's Strawberry Fields Revisited so I wanted to make use of it for this quilt.

It's a basic HST (half-square triangle) pattern.  And it just shows off the fabrics so nicely.  My version finished at approximately 62 x 62 - just right for a nice throw.  It took me a little bit of time to put together but only because I'm so fussy about not repeating fabrics and making sure that the same prints don't touch each other or are too close to each other.  I want it to look totally random even if I'm being all anal about it and it's really not random at all.

Each block has 16 HSTs so I used 16 different fabrics from the collection.  

I am so smitten (does anyone really say that or just in movies) with this fabric that I may have to buy another bundle.  I would really like to do the Strawberry Social pattern by The Pattern Basket in these fabrics.  And use the sweet strawberry print for the back.  I think it would turn out so awesome.  Maybe someone will get me a gc to the fabric store for Valentine's Day - hint, hint.  

For the back I used the red floral with the off-white background.  I also used an off-white Kona for the background on the front.  I quilted it in straight lines criss-crossing each HST block.  And of course, I machine stitched on the binding.  

It's just so pretty I almost can't bear to give it up - but I can't keep them all.  So this wonderful quilt is listed in my etsy shop if you're interested.

In the meantime I've finished 2 more baby quilts that I'll share soon.  One is from Tasha Noel's Country Girls collection and the other is from more of the Strawberry Fields Revisited.  

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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