Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Another Star Baby Quilt

You may recognize this pattern.  I've used it a few times before, but this time I did it up in RJR Fabrics new collection called Everything But the Kitchen Sink by Yuko Hasegawa.  Plus I quilted it much different than I did in the past.

I started out with this fabric pull.  I needed 8 fabrics to make up the center star and these all seemed to go together so nicely.  These are 30's reproductions and they work really well in this traditional pattern.  The white background lets each of the prints stand out so you can see each of the colors.

You would think this would piece together quickly for me since it's just half-square triangles and squares but I am so particular about where the fabrics fall in the outside border that it takes me forever.  If you did this all scrappy it would go together super fast.  I may try that next time.

While I was putting together the front I decided I loved the green floral print so much that I made it the back too.

The green is so cheerful and while overall I think the quilt still reads girly the green keeps it from being too over the top frilly girly.

You can really see the quilting from the back.  I didn't plan it out but I like how the straight lines end up boxing in the loopy quilting.  The last time I did this I quilted all straight lines following the star but the loopy loops seem to highlight the prints really nicely.

I haven't washed this one yet but I know it is going to crinkle up all lovely.

I've been attaching my binding a little different lately.  If I am doing a quilt with a white front or white border then I am machine sewing it on from back to front.  I like doing it this way because I can make it all perfect on the back - so my stitching is exactly where I want it on the edge of the binding.  The only disadvantage to this method is that it is almost impossible to get it in the ditch on the front so your stitching line will show on the front.  But if it's white on white it's barely noticeable and blends right in with the rest of the quilting.

 Before I used to sew from front to back and catch the binding while stitching in the ditch on the front.   The front looks all perfect but the stitching line is not always perfectly spaced from the edge on the back of the binding - now I know there are some people out there that get that perfect too but I am just not that patient or that good at it.  This method works well when I don't want a stitching line to show on the front.  And really once you wash the quilt no one notices that the stitching on the binding is not exactly perfect.

Of course, if I was a patient person I would hand-stitch my bindings but I just cannot bring myself to spend hours doing what now takes me a few minutes.  It's the same personality flaw that causes me to lose interest in projects that take more than a few days to complete.  I love getting to the end quickly and being able to start something new.

And with that thought I'll end this post and leave you with one last gratuitous beauty shot of this quilt.

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~ Gold Shoe Girl ~
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