Friday, January 16, 2015

Two for Friday

Since I have been absent from my blog for a short time I thought I would share 2 recent finishes here today.  I've been busy with a few things - holidays, custom orders and a special project I hope I can share soon.

Anyways, the first quilt up today is the softest quilt I have ever made.

This was the first time I have used flannel to make a quilt.  I kept seeing other bloggers using it and then the other day while at Joann's I saw this adorable retro-looking baby flannel and I couldn't resist.

The print features scenes from favorite nursery rhymes.  It is really so sweet and perfectly done in just the simple shades of blue.

For the back and binding I used a baby blue gingham flannel.  I free motion quilted it in swirls and loops which seemed to work just right for the flannel.

I was a little worried about shrinkage and curious to see how it would crinkle up so I washed it and it just made it softer and sweeter.  I have a feeling I will be trying out more flannel in the future.

This baby boy quilt is available in my etsy shop if you're interested.

I also recently finished this sweet little owl quilt.

This one didn't require a lot of piecing - just the top and bottom striped borders - which I love.  Originally, I was going to use the striped fabric for the back but I am not great at getting the front and back to line up perfectly and I hate when the pattern looks all wonky compared to the squareness of the quilt.

So instead I used this pretty pink print for the back.

I also like how it is little tree branches - like that's where the owls on the front perch.  It's silly but it felt like it was meant to be - well, at least to me - I know - I am a little weird at times.

For this one I quilted the middle in loops and swirls using pink thread.  Then for the borders I did straight lines following the stripes.  The binding was done by machine and is a precious pink print with tiny white circles.

The photos make the colors a little more bold than they seem to me in real life.  In real life they are a little more pale or shades of pastels than bold colors.

 And just like the baby boy quilt, this baby girl owl quilt is available in my etsy shop for sale.  

I have been posting more regularly on instagram so I'd love if you follow me over there too.  

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~


  1. The quilts are just adorable, love them both.

  2. Beautiful! And something so special about the nursery rhyme flannel! I've also been tentative about flannel but happy as it turned out soft and pleasant when I've used it.

    1. I can't wait to try more. Heading to the fabric store this afternoon - I'll be on the lookout for more cute flannel.


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