Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Windows for Wednesday

Finally.  Some more pictures of the inside of my house.  Well, sorta.  Today I am working on some quick curtain panels for a few of the windows in our new home.

We are lucky to have 3 large beautiful picture windows topped with stained glass panels.  Everything about them is gorgeous; the woodwork, the light that comes in and the colors and designs of the stained glass.  However, they leave us a little exposed.  Especially now that the leaves have fallen off the trees and we are turning the lights on very early in the evening.

The window in the first picture is in our foyer and looks out onto our wraparound front porch.  I consider it the least worrisome in terms of exposing ourselves but the easiest for any old person (nosy doorbell ringer, antsy delivery guy, neighborhood pervert, etc) to peek in from the porch. 

So I ordered myself some samples and then decided on this really pretty lace fabric from Waverly called Jammu Lace Snow.  I think it will provide just enough privacy and it is elegant but not old ladyish.  I love when they send your fabric on the big tube bolt.  It makes you feel all like a professional decorator in a magazine (I know.  I am a total dork.).

I am going to do 2 simple panels for each window and hang them with a tension rod.  I am using the tension rods because my husband actually hates that I am putting up any sort of curtain and ruining his view out the windows.  I tried to tell him that I am also ruining the view of any Tom, Dick and Harry that may also be looking in the window at his young daughter and his beautiful bride, but he didn't seem convinced.  Anyways, I sort of half agreed that once the trees bloom again in the spring that we can take the curtains down.  We'll see.  

This window is in my husband's home office.  You'll have to excuse the over-exposed smartphone pics.  It's really hard to get pics with the bright light from the window.  

The last window is right above the foyer window and is on the front stairway landing.  Right now the foliage on the 2 trees provide some privacy but once that falls anyone driving or walking by outside can see up into our 2nd floor hallway and into the master bedroom.  I prefer that people don't see us all in our pjs every night or first thing in the morning when I am running around trying to get little bodies dressed for school.

I'll show you the finished curtains when I'm done and you can let me know if I'm crazy or not.

In other news, I also thought I'd share a picture of the quilt I am making for our living room.  I finished the top and now just need to baste and quilt and bind.

I have a few other works in progress going on but they are not picture worthy yet.  If you want more daily updates follow me on Instagram.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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