Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Quick Powder Room Updates

On my last post about our powder room remodel I mentioned that I was hoping to find a little cabinet for above the toilet.  Well, unbelievably, I found one while on vacation!  Even better was that it was way below my budget and I love it.  And most unbelievably it is already hung up in the bathroom!!!

I've posted before about our cottage on Lake Ontario which we visited last week.  We've owned it now for about 9 years and when we lived in NY we were there almost every weekend during the warm summer months.  Now that we live in Illinois we try to get back for a week at a time in June, July and August.  Well, all the time that we have been at our cottage we always drove by this huge red barn selling antiques.  We always said that someday we would stop but we never did.  Well, finally last week I did stop.  And it was awesome!  Tons of dealers, nice and neat layout, super friendly staff and best of all fantastic prices.  So long story long you if you are in western NY you should spend some time at the Shawnee Country Barns Antique Coop.  

So I found the cabinet in one of the booths kind of tucked behind some other objects.  I knew it was perfect especially when the tag said $30!!!  

The outside has all kinds of dings and odd nail holes and old paint remnants.  I have the feeling it was hung up in someone's basement or garage.  It also has this weird little metal piece which I think is broken but may have been used to keep the door closed.  Who knows but I love the character it adds.  

It gives the bathroom a neat collected feeling.  I haven't filled it all up yet but you can see the inside is just right size for a few rolls of tp and our often used tube of mom's magic cut cream otherwise known as polysporin.  

Now you may have remembered that I also wanted to replace the old faucet.  While it was aesthetically what we wanted functionally it was corroding around the bottoms of the pieces and the cold water side turned on backwards.

Well, I searched and searched and hemmed and hawed, and finally, I found a new faucet in my ideal price range at Lowes.  I had every intention of installing it myself, but I could not get that darn old one off.  I had the plumber in and it took him a bunch of muscle to get the darn thing off.  It made a huge rusty mess all over the floor too.  While it was a bummer to pay the plumber, it was nice because he also replaced all the rusting icky pipe stuff underneath and he fixed the sink in place so it no longer turns and wiggles.

The new faucet looks great and works like a faucet should work.  In case anyone is interested I bought the cute little hand towel yesterday at Target for just $7.99.  

I figured I deserved a little treat after taking 3 kids school supply shopping - which btw does anyone else find it ridiculous that one teacher would request 60 (not kidding 60) presharpened pencils?!?!?!  I mean that equates to my kid using up at least 1.5 pencils each week of school.  How does anyone use up that many pencils?

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