Friday, August 22, 2014

Country Girls Cuteness

Here's a really quick finish for Friday!

While I was waiting to get some thread to finish up the blue star quilt I whipped out this adorable baby girl quilt.

And when I say whipped it out I mean cut to done in less than a day.  I just love when cute fabrics come in these easy breezy cheater prints (Riley Blake are you listening - please make more)!  It occurred to me as I was quilting this that these types of prints are just so handy for beginner quilters or those who hate piecing.  

My daughter pieced her first doll quilt a few days ago and I could tell her attention span was waning by the third row and even though she finished the top she hasn't quilted it yet.  I think I may try her on some of this fabric to try the quilting so she can finish a project quicker.  It's so much more encouraging and exciting to kids if they can finish up the project in an hour or two.

The front is made from Tasha Noel's Country Girls collection.  It is a full piece of this wonderful patchwork pattern.  There are at least 18 different types of squares in this print.  It would have taken a million years to cut out that many different squares and then another million to piece them all together.  

The back is a whole piece of the main print which is also super adorable with all those little girls and their country farm ways.

I quilted it in straight lines crisscrossing the patchwork squares on the front. 

The binding is made from another print in the collection which is white with little blueberry clusters.

I'm so happy with how quickly I was able to get this done and how well it turned out.  It sorta satisfied my need to use some of that fabric collection...for now:).  I still have a whole stack of the other prints from the collection just waiting for me to get to them.  

And like usual it's in my etsy shop if you're interested.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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  1. When I first started reading this post I was like "What? She did all those pinwheels in one day??". That cheater fabric is awesome! I'm off to buy some!

    1. It is the best cheater - I just love Tasha Noel's designs!

  2. I usually don't like the designs in cheater prints much, but that one is awesome!

    1. Kat, I totally agree. Usually the cheaters are just awful or just not my style but this one is so great. And there's nothing like finishing up in a day - so satisfying.

  3. I agree with Kat but this is one adorable quilt!! Congrats on a wonderful finish!

  4. Very cute. I love the country and love this print collection!

    1. This collection by Tasha Noel is super sweet. I hope she is coming out with something new soon.

  5. Oh my goodness ... that backing fabric is so sweet. Congratulations on a lovely quick project!


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