Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Multiple Works In Progress

This week has been busy.  Lots going on in the quilt department and the home improvement department.

Up above is my pinwheel quilt top.  Love a pinwheel quilt but boy do they take more time than simple squares.  As you can see I am about halfway through pin basting.  I hate basting.  My least favorite part of the whole quilting process.  But I'm excited to start quilting this one.  I am going to follow the seams and I always like the pattern it makes on the back.

Here's a project that is almost complete.  It took a few months but you can see where we started here.  I'm so excited to finally finish this up and so is my family because they were really sick of trying to use this bathroom with a ladder smack in the middle of it.

The light fixture is supposed to arrive today and as soon as that is up then we can hang the mirror and the towel ring.  Plus I have to install the new faucet.  As soon as all that is done I'll do a full before and after post with all the sources.

And now in the one thing leads to another category is this project...

This is our mudroom.  Obviously, I have started painting the back door.  It is the same red that I used on the front door which you can see in this post.  

Once we could really see how great the powder room was looking we could also really see how shabby the mudroom looks in comparison.  So...now we are going to spruce up this area too.  It's going to get a new floor, paint and a new overhead light.  

I've been posting little updates on instagram so feel free to check out things there too by clicking on the camera icon and then once you get there please follow me.  It's kinda embarrassing when your kids are the only ones liking your posts:).


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