Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Christmas in July Ornaments

I am in process of making at least 100 of these quilted Christmas tree ornaments.  I think I first saw one on pinterest  a while back.  I googled how to make it, watched a youtube video and decided I would give it a go.  Well, after the first one I was hooked.  They are simple but a little time consuming but not so time consuming that you dread it if you know what I mean.

Anyways, they turned out to be the perfect thing for me to do while we drive back and forth to our cottage this year.  I prepare all my little piles of squares in advance and then load them and my pins, styrofoam balls and a thimble in a backpack.  I haven't timed myself but I'm guessing it takes just less than an hour to finish one - not counting the time to hot glue the ribbon on at the end - you can't do that part in the car.

The top picture shows one half completed at 2 inches and this bottom picture is of a couple that are 3 inches.  They really do turn out quite pretty.  I used a few different metallic glittery fabrics and I can't wait to see them hanging from a lit up tree.

Once I get a few sets done I'll list them in my etsy shop.  And if they don't sell then I guess I already have my Christmas gifts done this year:).

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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