Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pretty Pinwheel Quilt

This pretty pinwheel quilt is my new favorite.   I know I say that after every new quilt I make but I just can't help it.  This one reminded me of how much better I like prints mixed with a healthy dose of white - they seem so crisp and bright and you can really appreciate each print that way.

Just like my star baby quilt I used Sara Morgan's 1930's reproduction collection Toybox IV to make this quilt.   These prints are all small scale florals.  Either white flowers on a colored background or multicolored flowers against a white background.

Originally, I only bought a fat quarter bundle but I loved these fabrics so much I am hoping to get some more soon.

The binding is scrappy - made from the leftover strips of fabric.  I think it sets off the border and back perfectly.

I used Kona white for the back.  I prefer a white back when the top has so many different fabrics.  The white back really keeps the attention on the pattern and prints on the front.  Plus the quilting really shows up against the white even though it is white thread.

Eventually I am going to find a better place to take these full size pictures.  The light in this corner is terrible and it makes the colors look off.  Plus the wall has all kinds of holes and scuffs that need to be fixed.  But for now it gives you a general idea of how the whole quilt looks and its size.  This one finished up at 52 x 68 inches.  A nice generous lap/throw size.

I did put this one in my etsy shop but I won't be sad if it doesn't sell:).  

We're off to our cottage again soon so I'll be back to making Christmas tree ornaments for awhile.  Then I have two piles of fabric that have been making me feel guilty - a whole collection of Country Girls and a smaller bundle of Rocket Age.  Oh and that little mud room project that I started last week needs to get done too.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Powder Room After and Before

The phrase "before and after" seems backwards to me.  I always want to lead with the fancy good looking after pictures first and then show you the before crap that started the project.

So first you can see our updated powder room.  The room measures about 5 feet x 5 feet so you'll have to excuse the cramped pictures.  

The only major purchase and installation was the tile floor.  Happily, it was also the easiest part of the project since we had it done by the professionals.

It really turned out wonderful and is so much better than the worn out stained vinyl floor that was there before.

Because we had to replace the shoe molding I ended up painting all the trim.  The old color was an antique or off-white and I replaced it with a nice new bright white.  After the wallpaper was removed I painted the walls in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.  It could be the most perfect blue/gray/green paint color we've ever chosen.  

We kept the toilet.  It is a fancy style by Kohler.  We will probably need to replace the insides in the next couple of years but the toilet itself was in good shape and new ones in this style are expensive.  I did buy a new wooden seat for the toilet.  Surprisingly, it really did look a lot better than the old worn out plastic one.  

The toilet paper holder is new and I highly recommend this style over the kind with the spring loaded piece in the middle.  This kind is much easier for the kids to change and makes it a lot less likely that it will get pulled off the wall prematurely.

I did replace the light switch, outlet and the switch plates.  One of the strange things about this house is that the previous owner obviously went to a lot of trouble to get antique door hinges, window hardware, doorknobs, etc but yet put in the cheap plastic switch plates.  These new ones look so much better.  And, yes, I did it do the electric work myself!!!  It was actually pretty easy.

We kept the pedestal sink but put in a new mirror, light fixture and towel ring.  All the accessories were purchased in a chrome finish to match the faucet.  

I decided against a medicine cabinet in here since this is really just a powder room.  I do want to get a small cabinet for above the toilet for all our various little sundries.  We want a cabinet that is antique or a little more unique than the usual over the toilet variety so it make take a few months to find one.

Behind the door across from the toilet you will find our art print from Janet Hill Studio.  I still love it as much as when I first found it on etsy.  I had it framed and matted at Hobby Lobby.  It gives the room a little pop of personality.

And on the front of the bathroom door...

...I hung a pretty basket of sweet daisies.  

And finally the obligatory blogger before and after collage shot...

It was a bit of work to get the wallpaper down but in the end it was so worth it.  Everything in the room feels fresh and clean and just lovely.

Here's the rundown on sources:
  • wall paint - Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams
  • trim paint - Pure White by Sherwin Williams
  • floor - American Olean hex white with black dot from Lowes
  • toilet - Kohler
  • mirror - allen & roth from Lowes
  • light fixture - Progress Lighting Victorian Collection from Home Depot
  • towel ring & toilet paper holder - allen & roth from Lowes
  • switch plate cover - Lowes
  • baskets on toilet - Ikea
  • art print - Janet Hill Studio on
  • door basket - Joann Fabrics
  • curtains - Country Curtains

All in I spent about $1000 with the biggest expense being the the floor.  I saved money by keeping the toilet and the sink and by removing the wallpaper myself.  It is a lot of money, but for us the powder room is a very public space so we want it to look nice for our guests.  We also keep telling ourselves that if we ever had to move in the next few years that we have really added some good resale value.  In the end though it's worth it if only because it makes us happy to have such a nice new room.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Multiple Works In Progress

This week has been busy.  Lots going on in the quilt department and the home improvement department.

Up above is my pinwheel quilt top.  Love a pinwheel quilt but boy do they take more time than simple squares.  As you can see I am about halfway through pin basting.  I hate basting.  My least favorite part of the whole quilting process.  But I'm excited to start quilting this one.  I am going to follow the seams and I always like the pattern it makes on the back.

Here's a project that is almost complete.  It took a few months but you can see where we started here.  I'm so excited to finally finish this up and so is my family because they were really sick of trying to use this bathroom with a ladder smack in the middle of it.

The light fixture is supposed to arrive today and as soon as that is up then we can hang the mirror and the towel ring.  Plus I have to install the new faucet.  As soon as all that is done I'll do a full before and after post with all the sources.

And now in the one thing leads to another category is this project...

This is our mudroom.  Obviously, I have started painting the back door.  It is the same red that I used on the front door which you can see in this post.  

Once we could really see how great the powder room was looking we could also really see how shabby the mudroom looks in comparison. we are going to spruce up this area too.  It's going to get a new floor, paint and a new overhead light.  

I've been posting little updates on instagram so feel free to check out things there too by clicking on the camera icon and then once you get there please follow me.  It's kinda embarrassing when your kids are the only ones liking your posts:).


~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Christmas in July Ornaments

I am in process of making at least 100 of these quilted Christmas tree ornaments.  I think I first saw one on pinterest  a while back.  I googled how to make it, watched a youtube video and decided I would give it a go.  Well, after the first one I was hooked.  They are simple but a little time consuming but not so time consuming that you dread it if you know what I mean.

Anyways, they turned out to be the perfect thing for me to do while we drive back and forth to our cottage this year.  I prepare all my little piles of squares in advance and then load them and my pins, styrofoam balls and a thimble in a backpack.  I haven't timed myself but I'm guessing it takes just less than an hour to finish one - not counting the time to hot glue the ribbon on at the end - you can't do that part in the car.

The top picture shows one half completed at 2 inches and this bottom picture is of a couple that are 3 inches.  They really do turn out quite pretty.  I used a few different metallic glittery fabrics and I can't wait to see them hanging from a lit up tree.

Once I get a few sets done I'll list them in my etsy shop.  And if they don't sell then I guess I already have my Christmas gifts done this year:).

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

p.s.  I'm now on Instagram (I know.  Better late than never.)  Follow me by clicking on the little camera icon.


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Friday, July 4, 2014

Spectacular Star Quilt

This is a baby quilt that was inspired by my pinterest pins.  I had pinned a few different examples of HST star quilts and then when I bought this fabric a few weeks ago it just seemed to be asking me to make it up in this pattern.  

The fabric is Toybox IV by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill fabrics.  It works really well against a white background.  I bought the fabric at my local quilt store and they had it done up in an Irish Chain which looked really cute too.

I did the most dense straight line quilting I've ever done so far on this quilt.  It looks really fabulous on the back.

I used White Kona for the back because I knew I was going to quilt the heck out of it and I wanted it to really show it off.

This turned out so pretty I was tempted to keep it for myself but then I would have to get a baby to use it on and that seemed really unlikely to happen anytime soon:).  So that being the case this adorable little baby quilt is available in my etsy shop.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pinwheel Progress

This is going to be a super quick post because we are headed out the door tomorrow and I still have a load of stuff to get done.

I actually already finished a baby quilt using these same fabrics and I'll post that later but as long as I had them out I decided to finish cutting up the fat quarter bundle and whip up a pinwheel lap quilt.  

The fabrics are the florals from Sara Morgan's Toybox IV line.  They have that 1930's vibe and I really love how they look when paired with a white background.  The colors are just so vibrant and pretty.

I managed to get all the HSTs done but then got stalled making the pinwheel blocks because of a little flooding in the basement courtesy of this crazy rainy tornado crap weather that is going on out here this summer.  Luckily we haven't had anything catastrophic but still I am not happy to be mopping up water and installing extra drainspouts and having the waterproofer guys out here all the time.

When I get back from vacation I have a little Christmas project I've been working on that should be ready to share.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~ 

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