Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our New House

Finally.  The long awaited new house pictures.  Well, at least some pics of the outside.

Our new house was built in 1866 and belonged to our city's post master.  Hence the plaque you see in the pic below.

Many of the houses in our neighborhood have these plaques and they tell who the "famous" person was and their occupation.  It's fun for the kids to read them when we go on walks.

The house was originally located across the street and was being used by the church.  About 20 years ago the house was moved to its present location by a local woman who wanted to save the home from demolition.  She not only saved the house but was the person who put in all the beautiful gardens around the house.  

We have been doing our best to keep up with all the maintenance.  It's a crazy amount of work.  

After the unpacking was done (or at least mostly done) one of the first changes I made was to paint the front door.  I love red front doors.  It adds such a nice bold focal point to the front of the house.  The door has a mail slot in it which is just awesome.  There's nothing like the sound of the mail when it drops on the floor inside your front door.  

This little path is on the side of the house.

The previous home owner must have been very deliberate about her plantings because something different is always blooming.  The small tree shrub things here flowered in the spring along with some tulips and daffodils and as you can see the hydrangeas are going to be lovely soon.

One of our favorite things about this house is the little balcony off the 3rd floor.  We put out a bistro set and can sit up there with a tasty beverage while we watch the kids play in the backyard.

Here's the patio off the back of the garage.  It's now our basketball court.  We are lucky to have so much foliage along the back and sides of the property which gives us a lot of privacy.

This is the back of the house.  The door on the right leads to the mud room and the one on the left goes to the basement.  All those big huge windows bring in lots of sunshine in the morning.

And here's one last look at the front of the house.  On nice evenings you can find us in our rockers enjoying a glass of wine on the porch while our kids run around screaming and driving the neighbors nuts:).  

Hope you liked the tour.  

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~


  1. Oh my word. That is the most gorgeous house I've ever seen. Fabulous job keeping it up! I would love a virtual tour of the inside!! Please oh please!

  2. Thanks Alyssa! Soon I hope to share some inside pics. Just want to get things a little more settled first.


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