Thursday, April 24, 2014

Another Powder Room Redo

Yes, I need to redo this powder room too.  I can hardly believe that after just completing the powder room at the old house that this is the first room I am getting to at our new house.

But I have good reasons for starting with this room.  Let's start with a picture.

The powder room is located off the living room and the kitchen.  At first glance it seems okay.  Small, but fine.  But then you take a closer look...

This is the other corner of the bathroom.  Cramped.  The towel bar doesn't really give you room to hang the towels not to mention that the one side is pulling out from the wall.  The clasping things holding up the mirror are rusted and although you can't see it the light fixture is also starting to show wear and rust.

But, let's get even closer shall we...

Hmmm...that is the floor and the baseboard.  It looks as if there was a water leak or something else bad.  Well, it was not like that during our home inspection but by our walk-through it was but somehow we missed it (probably because during the walk through we had the kids with us, I was trying to get an estimate from the Merry Maids, we had 10 minutes to get to the closing and our seller's "friend" who let us in the house was telling us all about all the virtues of the house and our new town).

Anyways, we did notice it that first night and then a few days later we realized the source.  Apparently, the 20-year-old faucet was leaking.  We wondered why the cold water was so hard to turn on - well now we are guessing that the seller's just left it off and were not using it.   Well, my kids used it and then we had water dripping in the basement.  When we tried to shut off the water under the sink that valve was not working either.  So after a nice set of new valves and a few choice words we realized how the baseboard and shoe molding got all damaged.  

You can also see that something else left a nice yellow stain on the vinyl floor and that the sink is being leveled with a little plastic shim.  There's also some scratching type damage on the baseboard next to the door.  The previous owner's had dogs and I am guessing that maybe a dog that was left in the bathroom caused the damage.  I am also guessing that maybe the dog was the reason for the 3 air fresheners left in there by the old owners:).

So in anticipation of having to remove and paint the molding I decided I would take advantage and replace the floor too.  And as long as we were doing the floor I might as well paint the walls and replace the mirror and the accessories.  Yes, my husband really loves me.

Here's my jumping off point.

The art print on the left is by Janet Hill.  I ordered it from her etsy shop and it just makes me happy looking at it.  I love the bright colors and the little sail boat and even the tiny turtle on the dock.  I think it will make a nice piece for the bathroom.

The floor will be done in the hexagon dot tile.  Our new house was built in 1859 and the tile will help tie the powder room into the rest of the house.  The tile is from Lowe's and I am not doing that part myself - I did consider it, but I am opposed to divorce.

I am still wavering on the paint color.  Originally, I was going to do BM Revere Pewter to stay neutral, but then my family thought that was too boring so I thought maybe BM Wedgewood Gray, but now I am leaning towards SW Sea Salt. 

The paint color really doesn't matter until I get all that wallpaper down which I started yesterday and now seems like it could take a while.  It doesn't help that the ceilings are 10 feet high in there, and that the room is only 5 feet wide so it is nearly impossible to get a ladder in and around the toilet and the sink.  Not to mention that they must have used industrial strength glue because the wallpaper is coming off in teeny tiny pieces.  Oh and here's a little tip:  Make sure the toilet lid is closed before you start ripping off wallpaper willy nilly otherwise you end up with a whole other mess. 

Go ahead laugh.  

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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