Monday, January 20, 2014

Powder Room Redo

Here's a story about a gal whose husband had a wandering house eye.  He was always on the lookout for that special old house that had eluded us when we first moved to the midwest.  He had taken the gal and the kids on more than a few Sunday drives just to check out new towns and houses but nothing ever came of it.  

So the gal who couldn't stand her powder room says to the husband we're done searching, right?  We're staying in this house for a while, right?  I want to redo the powder room and I want to buy things assuming that this is our powder room, that I can decorate it to our taste and not do it neutral, right?  And the husband said yes go ahead.  

Now the gal orders up a storm - a vanity, a mirror, lighting, a faucet, a toilet, towel ring, and even the matching toilet paper holder.  The gal wants to paint the room a light bright color but the husband talks her into a dramatic moody dark blue.  They decide to add crown molding too.  Everything is designed to their taste.

They remove the old vanity (sell it on craigslist for a not too shabby $150) and remove the toilet.  The gal starts putting the primer over the hideous old red color and is almost done when the aforementioned husband says, "Hey, look at this house on the internet" and then adds "Let's drive out there this weekend and just peek at it".  

And that my friends is how by just "taking a peek" you end up rushing through a powder room remodel in order to get your house on the market 2 weeks later.

So without further long-winded storytelling here are the pictures...

This bathroom is tiny and was very 1995 luscious red, gold and ornate.

This is the vanity once it was out of the bathroom.  It's nice but not at all my style.  The guy who bought it was putting it in his leopard print wallpapered bathroom:).

Now for some afters...

We were going for an old-fashioned kind of cottage elegance.  I like the blue walls and I like the vanity which is a off-white color but I'm not sure that I love them together.  I think it may grow on me but probably not before we move;).  The vanity top is granite and we did ORB fixtures - mostly because the rest of our downstairs is done in ORB and we wanted to stay consistent.

The light fixture was ordered online from Home Depot and I really like it.  It was about $120 and it gives off a lot of light which was important because this tiny room doesn't have a window.

You can also see the crown molding that we added.  It's a thicker width molding and it really adds some character to the room.  It was fairly easy and affordable to do - I believe I spent less than $40 for all the molding and the adhesive.

Here's the new toilet.  It's a Delta Prelude and it was about $130.  It was fairly easy to install and it has made a real difference.  

We did paint all our trim and the door white.  The white trim really makes the oak floors look nicer.  

We did all the work ourselves; painting, plumbing, carpentry, electric, etc.  That saved us a lot of money, but I did spend a small fortune on all the pieces.  If I had known we were moving I definitely would have chosen some less expensive options.  The vanity and the mirror were not especially expensive, but the faucet, towel holder and the toilet paper holder were ridiculous.  I spent the extra money because I thought they would last us for a long time, and I wanted everything to match.  All in, we spent about $1200 on this project.  I tried to google the average powder room remodel cost and the best answer I could get was $2500-$5000.  So I think we did pretty well.

I'm sure the new homeowners will enjoy it for a long time:).

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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  1. I love the remodel, and think the vanity and top look amazing. Good luck with selling your house and the move. I'm jealous!!


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