Friday, July 26, 2013

Finished Cupcakes

As promised here are my finished cupcake items.  First up is the pillow which is very similar to the purple version I did awhile back.  This one uses fabrics from Lecien's Durham Anew collection.  Nice petite precious pale pinks for baby.

Each cupcake applique has some kind of special embellishment.  This one has a little felt flower, the middle cupcake has little french knots and the one way to the right has a perfect little applique heart on top.

I hand embroidered "sweet as a cupcake" using 2 strands of a pink floss.  I used the Little Days font as my template.

The burp cloths are gerber 6-ply cloth diapers that I top with the fabric and applique.  It takes just a few minutes to make such an ordinary thing fancy.

Here they are all folded, wrapped in a sweet ribbon and ready to go out to my lovely mom-to-be.

Today, I'm hopefully finishing up a couple more doll quilt sets.  I say hopefully because around here things tend to interrupt my progress.  Things like a gallon of lemonade leaking all over the inside of the fridge, an old cat who now thinks our office carpet is his litter box, oh and 3 bored children who just have to go to the pool or they will shrivel up.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Burp Cloths, Cowboys and Weddings

I know.  Kind of an odd collection of things but they are all my current works in progress.

The burp cloths are for a customer.   I also made her a pillow with the same cupcake appliques.  They are all so cute.  The fabrics are Lecien's Durham Anew by Brenda Riddle.  The tiny prints are just perfect for precious baby girl things.

This stack of fabric came in the mail yesterday.  I have plans for a baby boy quilt.  I haven't made a boy quilt since doing the one for my nephew over a year ago.

The fabrics are Sasparilla by October Afternoon for Riley Blake.  I adore the old-fashioned letter print.

Next up is my long-term car ride project.  We are driving back and forth from our Chicago area home to our western NY cottage and 4 times this summer.  That's about 40 hours in the car.  So this cross-stitch project is my effort to not waste all that time just staring at the interstate.

The pattern is from A Rainbow of Stitches and is the wedding monogram.  I'm using a white aida cloth with a dark almost navy embroidery floss.  I had decided to make for friends of ours who just got married this year but it is taking me so long and turning out so pretty that I may just slip our own initials on there instead.

So that's what's on the table today.  I'll share my cupcake pillow finish later in the week.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Serenata Quilt Finish

So the last time I left you I was just about to baste and quilt my Serenata quilt.  It took me a good full day (with the usual stops to feed the children, break up fights, etc) but I did it.

I was literally down to the last minute as my husband was packing our minivan for our vacation the next day.  So I threw it in the washer at 9pm and then in the dryer at 10pm.  Thankfully when I awoke at 5am it was dry and ready to be packed and sent off to my customer.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time or light for any great photos.  I apologize for the crappy pics but I still wanted to show you all the finish.

This was a full size  (80 x 90 inches) quilt but me and my machine were able to handle it just fine.  You can barely see it, but I quilted it diagonally across the squares.

The binding was made from the Riley Blake Serenata main floral peacock fabric that we also used on the back.

It turned out wonderfully and my customer just loves it.  She's going to use it for picnics and cuddling on the couch.  Perfect.

Well, while I was on vacation 3 more items from my shop sold and I took another custom order.  This time my lovely customer is asking for a duplicate of my cupcake pillow except in pink.  She also wants a couple burp cloths to match.  As soon as I get further along on those I'll post some pictures for you all.  

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Newest Custom Order

Literally hours after my beachy quilt sold a really nice lady contacted me wondering if it was still available.  Bummer.  But wait.  I offered to make her another just like it in her choice of fabrics.  She said yes!!! 

So here's a few quick pics of how her quilt is coming along.

I already had a set of Riley Blake's Serenata fabric on hand.  She loved some of them and we added some solids and another print to balance things out.

She picked this print for the back.  I love all the colors and the peacocks.

Then after the cutting and laying out we agreed that everything was looking great so I started sewing all 288 squares together.

And here we are today all sewn together waiting to be basted together.

I was going to do straight line quilting following the seams but now I think diagonal criss-cross might be the better option.   In any event it's going to be a long night of quilting because I want to finish this up before we leave for vacation on Wednesday.  I feel a lot of diet pepsi is in my future.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~
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