Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Status Updates

It's been busy around here the last couple of weeks - - - not getting a whole lot finished but making progress on a bunch of things.  I'll give you my lists and a few teaser pics to keep you on the edge of your seats:).

Upstairs bathroom project

what's done:
*walls painted
*new light installed
*frame around mirror installed
*hung hooks for bath towels
*hung new art above toilet

You can see the new light fixture, the new mirror frame and even a peek of the new artwork in this picture.  I'm still not sure I like the way the light is hanging.  I prefer it to hang down like this but I don't like that it hangs over the mirror so far.  We can switch it so the light faces up but then all the light will be going up towards the ceiling and since this room is windowless we really need all the light we can get.  My husband says it looks fine but I don't know - what do you all think?  

what still needs to be done:
*finish trim painting including both doors - UGH
*replace gold doorknobs with brushed nickel
*caulk and finish paint mirror frame
*reattach and caulk splash guards on sink

Sewing/Craft Room project -

what's done:
*wall paint
*restocked shelves
*hung clock, art, bins, spool holder, etc
*moved computer and stuff into room
*hung new chandelier

This is the new chandelier.  Much better than the old ugly light.

Just a little gratuitous picture of my fabric stacks.  All back on their shelves.

what still needs to be done:
*finish painting closet door
*finish painting window trim - another big UGH
*hang super cute pompom curtains
*come up with some system to hang quilts on wall so I can photograph them better

Other Works in Progress:

Beachy Quilt

I'm using Seaside by October Afternoon for this lap/picnic quilt.  I'm about halfway done with the quilting and then I'm gonna use that awesome red dot for the binding.  Hopefully, I'll finish by Friday.

A Custom Order Quilt

I am working on a custom pinwheel quilt order for a really nice lady who wants to use these fabrics from Tanya Whelan's Petal Collection.  We're waiting on a few other fabrics to arrive in the mail this week and then I'll get started cutting and sewing.

Things I Actually Finished:

Pink Preppy Baby Girl Quilt

This one turned out so cute and it crinkled up and got so soft after I washed it.  This is available in my etsy shop if anyone is interested.

Baby Quilt Set

I made this from the same fabrics as the baby quilt.  It sold in one day from my etsy shop.  I've sold 3 of these sets so far.  I started making these as a way to use up all the scraps but they seem popular so I guess I'll have to make some more.

So that's what I've been up to lately.  I'm trying to finish up as much as possible in the next 30 days because before I know it school will be out and then my daytime freedom will be gone.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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  1. Oooh, love your stacks of fabric!! I am looking forward to seeing the quilt from the Seaside fabric. I have a nice stack of that one just waiting to be cut into!!

    1. I made really good progress yesterday so I think I'll have the binding done today and then I'll post it on Friday in time for Crazy Mom Quilts linkup.


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