Monday, April 1, 2013

Sewing and Craft Room Painting

Since we had a long weekend I decided to put it to good use and begin the sewing/craft room remodel project.  Just a few quick pictures today and then I'll give you the full nitty gritty as it comes together.   

This is how the room looked for most of the past 6 months.  The top half was a creamy yellowish color and the bottom is a burgandy.  There used to be a border between the two colors but it was of golf clubs and ugly so one day I just peeled it off.

After Santa brought my sewing machine my husband was nice enough to hang the shelves for me for my fabric and stuff.  Normally that big roll of batting is hidden in the corner but we had just moved so we could rearranging before tearing out the carpet.

The carpet was just awful.  At one point I'm sure it was nice and clean and actually white, but then we moved in.  And there was a time when this room was the playroom  - - enough said.  So now the carpet is gone, and I think I am going to lay down either a laminate wood floor or some vinyl tile.  I want something that is easily swept and that can withstand a rolling chair.

So far I have gotten a coat of paint on the walls and trim on one side of the room.  After this side is done I'll move my sewing table over and then take down the shelves and paint the other side of the room.

We're doing the walls in a Valspar color called Churchill Hotel Ecru.  Then the trim will be white like usual.  I wanted the room to be fairly neutral since I have all kinds of fabric and ribbons and such to provide visual interest. 

I already have curtain fabric and so I'll whip those up soon too.  Plus I want to get a new ceiling light.  Anyways there will be lots to show and share so stay tuned.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~


  1. How fun---enjoy the transformation!

  2. Looks like you've already made good progress. It's going to be a wonderful room for sewing!

  3. Transforming your room is a big job, but it is so worthwhile. I did it in Februart too! Still wondering why I didn't do it sooner... The new room gives me so much joy!
    ipatchandquilt AT wordpress DOT com

    1. I can't wait until it's done because I know I'll be super happy but getting there is a chore. I just decided last night that the ceiling needed to be painted. Nothing like adding an unfun job to the list!!!


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