Saturday, March 9, 2013

Simple Life Overload

So I have this thing about hoarding and being wasteful.  It compels me to use up all my fabric, every little scrap of a single collection before moving on to the next project.  I don't like to have more than a couple of unfinished projects going on at once or I get all freaked out.  So that leads me to the picture above.  

Yes, there are more pillows and quilts and burp cloths with the Simple Life fabric.  I am sure by now you are sick of seeing items from me in this fabric so you will be glad to know I am done.  I have used up 97% of the stash, I am satisfied I have not wasted anything, everything is finished and so I can move on without guilt to new projects.

For those of you who like the house diy type projects I am finishing up the upstairs bathroom this weekend because my new light has arrived.  My husband has already taken down the old one so I should have new pictures of that next week.

Also in the works is a revamp of my sewing/craft room.  It will be a full before and after project that includes new paint, curtains, lighting, flooring, etc.  I'm anxious to get started on that soon.  We're also going to try to make our library/office room more work-from-home friendly for my husband by adding a set of french doors.

Stay tuned.  This spring promises to be a busy one.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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  1. Oooh...I just LOVE this whole post, and I don't see it as a problem, to work within a single group of fabrics. I was thinking it would be really fun to challenge myself to do this very thing. I love each one of your projects, and they pack a punch all in one view. Awesome work!

    1. Thanks Amy!!! You make me feel a little better about my silly little habits:).

  2. The fabrics are so fresh looking~ I only use scraps, and fabric given to me, so I don't have choices as to what I would pick out...but if I did...I'd pick out these fabrics.

    Your DIY sounds exciting~ Waiting for pictures~ ♥♥♥

    1. I painted all afternoon yesterday so pictures coming soon...

  3. Love it! All of it! I kinda' have this strange fettish for red and aqua. You really got creative using up all that fabric. Awesome work!

    Blessings & Hugs ...

  4. Well that is all kind of pretty! That is great you used up all the fabric. That is not an easy task.

  5. Great projects! There really are no quilt police or punishment for having leftovers. You can't make scrap quilts without scraps! You have permission to collect some.

  6. The pillows and quilts look great. I've decided to use up my stash this year also. Trying to keep it undercontrol can be a real challenge. If I stay out of the fabric store it's much easier, but what fun is that?


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