Monday, February 25, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

I've been super busy in my sewing room whipping up all sorts of things this past week.  I'm just gonna show you a few pictures.

The nice thing about opening my etsy shop is that I don't feel so guilty about spending my time or money on all these cute little projects.  I mean, really, I can only make so many pillows for my own home.  Plus all the marketing and strategy and planning satisfies the business woman in me.

I am having a lot of fun just sewing up whatever my heart desires on any particular day - - baby quilts, pillows or doll stuff.

I have another quilt top done waiting to be quilted and I do have to get back to finishing up the bathroom painting since we are expecting guests this weekend.

More later...

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Sweet as a Cupcake

On Friday I showed you the quilt I made for my husband's colleague.  I finished the matching pillow last night during Downton Abbey.  

So the deal with this pillow is that the woman who is having the baby is the office cupcake maker.  Every office has one - the person who loves to bake and is always bringing in treats and such.  Anyways, for the past year she has been baking and keeping my husband all sugared up while he's at work.  So I thought a cupcake themed pillow for her baby was the obvious choice.

I appliqued the cupcakes then did a tight zigzag stitch around the outside edges.  The "sweet as a cupcake" is hand embroidered using 2 strands of purple floss.  Then I did the front border and back in the same floral as the quilt.  There are some french knots on the left cupcake - they're trying to pretend they are sprinkles.  Then I added the little felt flower to the center cupcake while the right cupcake just has a simple heart topper.

It turned out really nice and is off to work tomorrow.  Now I have to decide what to work on next.  I really should paint the trim in the bathroom but I may procrastinate on that for another few days because my vanity light is on backorder - ugh - very frustrating.  I kinda have an itch to try a triangle quilt so we'll see what happens.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Finishes

I haven't gotten much accomplished this week.  I spent 3 days at school with the kids and then way too much time after school making Valentine's boxes and addressing Valentine's cards.  

I also had to spend most of Monday cleaning my house because the appraiser was coming.  By the way I should mention that we are not moving just refinancing.  In any event, while our house is mostly picked up most of the time mostly is not really good enough for either guests or the appraiser (who took pictures of every room including the laundry room which I definitely was not expecting because I stashed all our dirty laundry in there and so now everyone at the bank knows I had at least 6 baskets of dirty clothes to wash plus there may or may not have been a few loose piles of sheets and blankets).

So I put the bathroom on hold while I made a cute little baby quilt for one of my husband's colleagues.  Next week is her last week so I wanted to get it done before she goes out on maternity leave.

You may recognize the Riley Blake Dress Up Days fabric as the same fabric I used on my daughter's quilt.  It worked out great because the mom-to-be is having a girl and her nursery is done in purple and gray.

This baby quilt was made from 5 inch squares and finished at 36 x 36.  I backed it with the floral pattern and used the same floral for the binding.  I quilted it in straight lines on each side of the seams.  

Now I am working on a little pillow to coordinate.  I'll show you that soon.  Well, by Monday.  I'm gonna have to work fast because it has some embroidery and applique to get done.

I did also manage to finish up this pillow cover to match the simple life quilt I made last week.  I was inspired by the cute pillows that were featured on Tasha Noel's blog .

I made it using a panel piece from Tasha Noel's Simple Life fabric line.

The panel is surrounded by patchwork pieces also from the Simple Life fabric.  The straight stitches around the panel were hand embroidered and then I also added some red ric rac trim on the top and bottom of the pillow cover.

I love ric rac.

I have a few more of these panel pillows in process but this one will be available in my etsy shop today.

So I guess 2 finishes this week isn't too shabby.  What have you all been up to?

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

Monday, February 11, 2013

So I Went a Little Crazy...

...on Friday.  Remember when I said I bought a couple of paint samples.  Well, I loved them.  So I decided that it would be good idea to just jump in and paint the upstairs bathroom.  This weekend.  Oh and did I mention that the appraiser was coming on Monday.  Hee hee.

I just couldn't help it.  That bathroom was so boring and blah.  And the new colors looked so good.

So Friday night I used up all the paint in my little sample pots.  Then I decided to remove the side pieces of the countertop.  They were put on all wonky - like the caulk was laid down first and then the pieces were resting on top of the caulk.  I also wanted to take down the awful towel bar that was on the wall above the toilet (you can kinda see it in the picture above) which is just a ridiculous spot since it is just asking a child to drop a towel in an open bowl - not that that has happened at our house but I'm just saying.  Of course, both the counter pieces and the towel bar were stuck with adhesive so it made for some largish unsightly holes when I pulled them off.

No problem.  I still had 2 days before the appraiser.

So I hightailed it back to Home Depot on Saturday for more paint.  And then I painted.  And patched.  And painted some more.

In the meantime, I did get my husband to install a new faucet.  The old one was a cheapo plastic handle version.

Well, by Sunday night I had managed to finish the vanity and get the new hardware on that.  Plus I was able to get one coat of paint on all the walls.  I purposely did not paint above the mirror because I ordered a new light fixture so I'll finish that when we install the new light.

However, I have not had a chance to paint any of the molding or the doors my favorite white and it really needs a 2nd coat of wall color but it was almost 8pm and Downton Abbey was starting.

So this morning I stashed all my supplies in the tub and pulled the curtain closed.  The appraiser never even batted an eye or asked me why one wall was missing paint.

Yep.  So now I am waiting on the new light because, of course, I hated all the in-stock ones at both the Home Depot and Lowes.  My hope is that it will arrive just as I am finishing up the trim. 

Stay tuned for a real before and after post.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

Friday, February 8, 2013

Goodness Gracious Granny Square

Well.  Unlike my previous post where the quilt turned out exactly how I had envisioned it, this one did not.  

I had such high hopes for this one.  I purposely bought this Lecien Antique flowers fabric to make into granny blocks.  That part went okay.  Although I spent way too much time making sure that none of the blocks were the same.  I wanted the center square in each block to be the same to tie them all together so I used the white floral that you see in the block below which is also at the center of the quilt.

I also made sure that I had an equal number of blocks that had pink versus yellow as the outside squares.  Then when I laid out the blocks I made sure to alternate my pink outsides versus yellow outsides.  I also have this thing about similar fabrics being too close together so I spent a lot of time rearranging blocks until it was all just perfect.

Then came the sashing.  Ugh.  Even though I attempted to square up the blocks I must not have done it well enough.  I had trouble getting the rows to match up so I ended up with some wonky looking sashing.  And then when I started to quilt it I ended up with a few tucks and puckers here and there.

It still looks pretty, but it is just not as perfect as I wanted it.  It's one of those quilts that looks great hanging off a chair or folded in a stack or on the end of the bed, but once you lay it out you can see the flaws, or at least I can.

In any event, I decided to sell it in my etsy shop for a big huge, less than cost, discount if anyone is interested. Thank you - this just sold!!!

I figure it was good learning experience and what I learned is that I won't be trying those granny squares again for a while:).

Today I am finishing up some pillows and then I am on to a quilt for a nice girl who works for my husband.  I did stop in the Home Depot this morning and even though I was just supposed to be getting a garbage disposal I managed to sneak in a few paint samples.  Our hall bath upstairs really needs a little facelift so I may or may not push my luck and just put a little paint on a few things.  There is a part of me that thinks that I could paint that tiny room myself while my husband is at work one day and it might take him days or even a week to notice.  Hmmm...

~Gold Shoe Girl~

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Simply Beautiful

I just love it when something turns out the way I envisioned it in my head.  I'd like to think it is all because of my mad designing and quilting skills, but really I couldn't go wrong with these fabrics.

This quilt is made from Tasha Noel's Simple Life collection for Riley Blake fabrics.  I love the combination of the red, pink and aquas.

I did a traditional 9-patch pattern for the prints and did a solid white block in between each 9-patch block.

Once I finished the top I quilted it diagonally across the squares.  I love the pattern the quilting made on the solid white blocks and the back.

Then I did the binding in the pink floral.

It just turned out so cute I can't stand it.

For those that like the details:::
It measures approximately 45 x 60 inches.  The 9-patches were made from 3.5 inch squares.  I machine sewed the binding.

I'm also working on some coordinating pillows made from the same fabrics.  I'll share those in the next day or so.

This quilt is for sale in my etsy shop.  Click here if you're interested.

~Gold Shoe Girl~

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Little Retro Valentines Love

I whipped up a new wreath for the front door yesterday.  I have such a hard time with the front door after Christmas until spring.  I feel like I don't get my money's worth out of Valentines and St. Patrick's decorations so usually I just skip straight to the spring stuff, but this year I gave in and now we have a little Valentine's decor too.

I am okay with this because it just cost me the time - more than you would think - to print and cut and glue.  And I am even more happy because I already got a compliment from someone (no, not a family member - a real legitimate random person who came to the door).

This is not my own original idea.  I saw it googling around but the original person does not want to be pinned or anything so I can't give her a shout out but I do want to acknowledge that unfortunately I cannot claim to be the cool person who thought this up.

Anyways, should you want to make your own I will give you a brief outline of what I did.

First trace or free hand 2 circles onto free cardboard box and then cut out wreath form.  This doesn't have to be perfect at all since you will be covering it up.  

I made mine from a cardboard box that came from Pottery Barn.  (By the by, I ordered a set of those artisanal candle holders from PB last week.  They are nice although I think the boxes they came in may have cost more than the candle holders.)  The boxes were super duper thick heavy cardboard so I had to cut them with a handsaw. 

Then I hit up Graphics Fairy and Two Crazy Crafters for some cards.  Next, I googled "retro school valentines" and "vintage school valentines" to fill in some extras.  I found plenty I liked for free using this method.  If you want a quicker, but not free, method I did see some etsy shops selling them too.

To print the image click on the one you want until you get to the original page that it came from.  Then right click on the picture and copy it to word.  Once in word you can right click again, choose size and make the image bigger or smaller depending on your needs.  I sized most of my cards to 4 or 5 inches and I was able to fit 3 or 4 on a page by moving the page margins to the edge.

I printed all my cards onto white card stock.  You can buy a package of 150 sheets at walmart or meijer or such for less than $5.

Then I just cut them out.  On a few I did go over the lettering with a black ball point pen just to make them stand out a little bit more.

Okay this is getting way longer than I thought but I've started so I will keep going.   

You'll want to cover at least the front of your cardboard wreath form with something pretty just in case the cardboard peeks through.  I hot glued a piece of spare ribbon all the way around but you could use paper or yarn or whatever you have on hand.  Then before you glue on your cards you need to attach a hanging method.  In my case I hot glued a pieceof red ribbon to the wreath form.

Now finally make a pleasing arrangement of your cards and then hot glue them down.  I did cut out some hearts from scrapbook paper to help fill things out.  Also, I glued them on the top of the form and from the bottom just to give it a little depth.

I think it will do for now.  I can't wait for spring!!!

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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