Monday, December 3, 2012

Winter Holiday Front Door Basket

I think this just looks perfectly elegant.  The white poinsettias against the blue door are simple and lovely.

I choose to use just one kind of flower for 2 reasons.  The first being that I am cheap and the second being that it was easier:).  It's sorta difficult to pick multiple kinds of flowers that will all look nice together and fit in this narrow basket.  Plus it can get pricey and I've found that the best thing for faux flowers is to get fewer but get the best you can afford.  Sadly, most of the cheap ones look really fake.

I have started using picmonkey to edit my photos and they have a ton of neat effects hence why this picture is adorned with both frost and some fancy corners.  I just couldn't help myself.

Anyways, I used 3 bunches of flowers to fill the basket and I added the white and gold bow on the front.  We already had the basket so the flowers and bow ran less than $15 at Joann's.  Not too bad especially when all the wreathes I liked were 3 times that much.

You may also notice that we have a new handle set for the door.  Previously it was brass but because of another project (coming this week) we decided to switch out for the satin nickel finish.  I like this finish so much better plus the handle feels so solid now compared to our old one.

And because you can only take so many pictures of the front door that was the last one:).

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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