Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Front Door Before & After

Every year now we have a little holiday party.  This year it was this past Saturday.  So right after Thanksgiving and I mean as soon as the plates were cleared I had to start getting up our decorations.  

But that morning after the turkey was in the oven I started looking around, doing some initial planning, and I decided the front door was looking too shabby.  The old builder grade white steel door had seen better days.  There were scuffs and scratches and the plastic molding on the sidelights was looking uber fake and yellow.  

So I grabbed a can of black paint and started painting.

At first it looked really crappy.  I was getting a little worried and my husband was not happy (but not surprised) that I decided to tackle this a week before we were expecting 50 people.  

However, after a few more coats it started looking spectacular.  The fake molding was blending in and not looking so fake.  The sidelight clings I had added the year before were standing out nicely.

Alas, now the brass door handle was also standing out.  Not in a good way.  So I did a little internet searching and took a short trip to the Lowe's and with a little bribing got my husband to install a new handle and lock set!!!

It is a Schlage in satin nickel.  I love it.  It makes the door look super nice.  Plus it is way sturdier than the old one.

Now I just need to replace all the molding around the door.  I mean we have this huge wide door and then this skinny little molding all around it.  It needs to be wider and taller and a little crown on top wouldn't hurt.  Oh and it has to be painted white.

In case anyone is wondering the paint is Sherwin Williams enamel in the stock black.  I bought a quart and have a ton left over.  I used a 30% off coupon which is on their website still.  The paint was about $10 and the new door handle was about $125.  Not free, but I am justifying that it adds lots of curb appeal:).

Anyone else doing some crazy projects in the middle of their holiday stuff?

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~  

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