Monday, November 12, 2012

Painting, Projects, and More Painting

This is a quick post just to update you all as I feel like I have been gone forever.  I have been painting my little heart out for the last few weeks and cannot wait for it to end.

I am down to the last 3 kitchen cabinet doors!!!  They should be done today or tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get the full reveal post done by Thursday or Friday.  

So in the midst of all the kitchen stuff I decided that we needed to spruce up our guest room since we will be having a few visitors over the holidays.  I'll just give you a few peeks now and hopefully we will finish up everything by the weekend.  Well, we have to finish by the end of the weekend because our first visitor will be here next Tuesday.  Boy Thanksgiving sure seemed to sneak up fast this year.

Anyways, here's some paint on the walls...

Here's a little framing/molding project...

And this is a little mirror project...

And here's what I like to call the "as long as you've got some extra wood and all the tools are out you might as well build me a little plywood box project".

And in between all this I've been trying to finish up my very first granny square quilt.  I'm almost done with the top.  I can't wait to finish it.

So here's hoping I have some really fun cool pictures to show you by Thursday:).

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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