Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pinwheel Quilt

I know.  Another quilt.  You may ask what happened to the house projects?  And I will tell you that those are still going on too.  The thing that has sorta slipped is the blogging (and the laundry - no wait - that was always bad - oh well).  Ever since I made that first baby quilt for my sister I have been addicted to the quilting.  

It also didn't hurt that for the first time in 10 years I have had a designated spot for my sewing machine.  What a difference it makes when you can just leave your machine out all the time.  Before it was such a hassle to get out the machine, find all the notions, set everything up and then have a mess on the dining room table for a few weeks.  It was not very conducive to getting much more than a specific project done.  At some point I will show you my new craft/sewing/toy room but for now it is too much of a mess (you saw the toy part of the description, right?) to share.  And anyways today's post is about the most recent quilt I just finished.

I started this one while at our cottage and was able to cut and piece it together there.  I did the batting and quilting parts here because a big piece of batting is just too much to haul out to the cottage.  In any event, I finished it on Friday and took my pictures this morning.  

I just love it.  I love the fabrics.  The pinks and greens go so nice with the white.  I am really liking using white next to the prints to kinda show off each of the prints better.  I think it lets your eye really see each of the individual fabrics rather than becoming more of a blur when you have the prints all right next to each other.

The fabrics are Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey and then the white is just Kona cotton.  It finished up at about 42 x 60 which is nice small lap or larger baby quilt size.

I did straight line quilting following the seams both up and down and diagonally.  The back turned out perfectly with all the stitching lining up nicely.  Once I am more confident in my quilting I may try using colored thread on the back to highlight the quilting pattern even more.

This was my first time doing half square triangles (HST) and I like them although they are a little time consuming.  The cutting and the basting are definitely not my favorite parts of quilting.

I had a few left over HST after making all my pinwheel blocks so I made them into a little pillow you see in the picture above.  The pillow and the quilt make a really cute little set.  They would be perfect for a toddler girl bed or a reading chair.  I am not sure what I am going to do with them so for now they look all pretty hanging out in different spots in my house.  My husband and boys think I am crazy.  My daughter is just biding her time hoping I give in and let her have them even though she has no particular use in mind besides wrapping up her dolls in them.

For now I am on to another quilt and finishing up the kitchen painting.  I know you won't believe me but we had a painting surge last week and all that's left is the cabinet doors!!  The drawers and cabinet boxes are all done!!  I promise a great post on the finished kitchen soon.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~


  1. Your quilt is so soft and lovely. I think the quilting looks great on the back too. Congrats on having a designated sewing space! I am living in a tiny apartment in Japan at the moment... Miss my sewing space back home but have adapted by getting more into handwork. I know what you mean about taking over the dining room table - at times it must be done!!

  2. I love that little pillow! And the quilt is lovely :)

  3. It looks so pretty and soft, I love the straight line quilting on it! What technique did you use to make the HST-s? I think they're pretty fast to make.

    1. I made the HST by drawing diagonal line on the white squares, layering a white and a print and then sewing 1/4 inch on each side of the line. Then I cut it down the line. It just seemed like a long time to do all that line drawing.

      For the quilt I am doing now I just sewed 1/4 around the outside edge of the 2 squares and then did 2 diagonal cuts. That seemed quicker than drawing the lines.

      Do you have a better way to get them done? I'd love to hear.


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