Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hallway Changes & Updates

I know a hallway is not especially exciting but this change was very exciting for us (well, really just me - I don't think anyone else noticed or cared but they all are happy for me in their own you're-kinda-crazy-mom-but-if-this-makes-you-happy-we'll-go-along-so-you'll-stop-talking-about-the-hallway-already-way).  

This hallway is downstairs off of the kitchen and where you enter from the garage.  Our powder room and my craft room are also off this hallway so it is frequently used.  

Before it was the same dull tan/beige color as the kitchen.  When we painted the kitchen I couldn't decide what color to do in the hallway so we just left it alone.  Well, a few weeks ago when we got going again on the cabinets I decided it needed to be the same color as the kitchen.  So I painted the trim white and the walls the same meander blue.  It turned out fabulous.  

What a difference a bright cheery color can make.  Plus we used a satin finish.  You can feel the difference of the satin versus the flat.  The light just bounces around the hallway now.

This little hallway is sorta strange in that it has a door to outside at the end of it.  Not sure why the original owners had that put in as it just leads to the deck and there is already a set of patio doors in the kitchen to the deck.  Anyways, we decided to do a little do-si-do with the two outside doors in this hallway.  Why?  Well, now the door to the garage has a window which is nice for a couple of reasons.  When the big outside garage door is open and the kids are out front I can just peek out the window and see what they are up to plus it lets in more light in the front of the hall.  Also it seems more friendly from the street instead of a big steel windowless door.  

Now the big plain steel no-window-door is at the back of the hallway which is fine for now because I can open it all day long and we have a nice full view storm door which lets in a lot of light back there.  In the winter it may not be as ideal because it gets a little dark back there when it is closed so we may end up replacing it with a window door or maybe just a regular window eventually.  Or maybe we'll expand the power room and get rid of the opening completely...hmmm.

This door originally had some dark heavy wood blinds on it which I replaced with this gauzy cotton curtain that took me all of 10 minutes to sew up.  We also painted the door white to match the rest of the trim.

As soon as the paint color was up and the trim was looking good I started to really, really hate the old light fixture and the brass door knobs.  So we replaced all the knobs and the light fixture with some inexpensive ORB ones from Lowes.

Here's the old light...

And here's the new one...

It's nothing spectacular but because it is flush to the ceiling it makes the hallway seem taller now.  And it's nice because the finish matches the new doorknobs and the fixtures in the rest of the downstairs.  And even better it was cheap:).

Now I have a little tip.  My oldest son found this clever so I thought I would share it.  The bathroom door opens onto the hallway.  It usually gets left open as soon as someone exits, however, it would not stay open all the way which blocked all the nice light from the door at the end and also looked kinda icky.  So to keep it fully open I just added a piece of adhesive velcro to the doorstop and the spot on the door where it hits the doorstop.  It is hidden when the door is open and when you're in the bathroom obviously you can't see it either.  It keeps the door open and hallway looking unobstructed.  Nice, easy, cheap solution.

Okay so this little hallway project didn't cost too much.  We already had the paint and the doors so I just spent a few dollars on the curtain material, the door knobs and the light fixture.  I would say less than $100 total.  It just mostly took time.  I'd say at least 5 hours to paint everything and switch the doors and fixtures.

And just because you all have been so patient here's a little peek at the kitchen progress...

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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