Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Painting Progress

What a whirlwind the last few days have been!!  My in-laws came to visit, it was my youngest son's 5th birthday, then Easter, and now my oldest just started baseball practices.  And in the midst of all that I decided to get going on the kitchen painting again.

I had become paralyzed by the patio doors.  I didn't like the old dark wood blinds but I didn't have a good alternative for privacy so I just didn't do anything.  Here is how the doors looked with the blinds.  

They were only usable in this extended down but open position or down and fully closed for privacy.  You couldn't pull them up because they were a good 6 inches thick wood all pulled together - it just looked silly and then totally blocked your line of sight outside.

Now that we live so close to our neighbors I was really hesitant to take the blinds off the doors but since the trees started blooming they are providing enough of a cover that I am not feeling so exposed.  So the other day I just had at it and took them off.

It is an unbelievable change.  As soon as they were off I felt like we gained an extra foot of space in the kitchen and there was so much more light coming in the doors.

This next one shows you how the doors look with primer on one side.  In real life the difference is dramatic.  The white trim makes the paint color look so much better.  Against the oak wood the blue looks very bright but against white the blue is much softer and paler looking which is what we wanted.  

So you see how the pictures above are all fuzzy.  It is because I had not yet figured out how to put my camera on the manual setting and had to add a lot of light in editing which makes the pictures less crisp.  Well, because these sucked and I was getting sick of not getting the best pictures possible I think I finally figured out the manual thing - sorta.  At least well enough that the next few pictures actually turned out better.

Here's the entire door frame with the primer coat on it.

I am much happier with these pictures.  They may be a bit overexposed but eventually I will get the hang of it.

So next step is to put the paint over the primer and then move on to the cabinets.  Oh and I have to swap out the doorknob and the hinges on the patio door.  And yes, that is a big gaping hole in our screen door.  My oldest son ran right into it on our first day in the new house last August and we still haven't fixed it.  It's okay - the dog thinks we did it on purpose for her personal use.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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