Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nicht So Gut

So I took German in high school and nicht so gut is one of the only phrases I remember except Ich habe blaue augen which translates into I have blue eyes.  I thought "not so good" was appropriate title for this post because my little easter egg project didn't turn out so well.

Last week was spring break for the kids here and my daughter was having a case of the "i don't know what to do" so I thought this would be a great solution.  I had admired the egg tattoo project from Country Living and The Graphics Fairy and thought we could do our own version.  

We started out by tapping holes into eggs with a small nail.  When that didn't seem to be working I found a bamboo skewer and used that to puncture the egg.  That worked but it created some ugly looking large holes on both the top and bottom of the eggs.

The positive was that it got the yolks out of there easily and by the time we were done with a dozen eggs my daughter was done being bored which was actually good for me:).

I rinsed the eggs with water and set them aside knowing we would have another bored moment later.  Meanwhile I printed the pdf images from The Graphics Fairy and began cutting out the little critters.  The original project calls for printing the images on tattoo paper, but I figured regular paper and some mod podge would give the same effect.

Sure enough a few days later my daughter needed something else to do so we boiled some water and added it to a bowl with 5 tea bags.  She then proceeded to dip the eggs into our "dye".  This went fairly well until the drying part.  We set them back into the egg carton and we didn't make sure to drain them very well which caused little puddles of tea which caused funny rings and streaks on some of our eggs.  Nicht so gut.

A day later we began to affix the images onto our eggs.  This part went pretty well.  Using a small paint brush we put some mod podge on the egg, put the image on the egg, and then painted more mod podge on top of the image.  There were a few wrinkles as the images tried to wrap around the egg.  I pressed these out as best I could with the handle of the paint brush and then left them to dry.

By the next morning they were all dry and ready for display.  Yep.  I had no idea what to do with these little pretties now.  I had not thought that far ahead so I improvised and threw some spanish moss in a compote and put the best 5 eggs in the moss.  I had to tilt them just so to help hide the holes and the streaks.  

They don't look terrible from a distance up on a shelf but up close they are just did not live up to their potential.

If I were to attempt this again I would buy one of those egg blowing kits off of amazon and I would take more care with the tea staining.  It did give the eggs a really nice color.  I think if you made a dozen or more they would look nice in a wooden bowl or a milk glass dish on a coffee table or such.

Anyone else have a craft fail lately?  I suppose it wasn't a complete fail because it kept my daughter busy so maybe it was a great child occupying activity but just not a decorative keepsake which is just fine around here.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~
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