Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Bed Makeover

Now I will admit that anything would look better after that before shot but I wanted to give you a taste of my reality.  Inevitably there is a pile of half-folded laundry on our bed on any given day.  Usually it gets dumped out first thing in the morning when the kids are in need of something and then it all gets put back in the basket that evening when we go to bed.  Once all the laundry baskets are full I am forced to actually fold the clothes to make room to wash more.  So maybe twice a week the bed gets all made and pretty looking.

Laundry aside, I was tired of the dark cherry wood finish on our bed.  The frame is curved in a sleigh style with open slats for the headboard and footboard.  I decided I really wanted a bed that was either a classic style iron bed or a french antique curved headboard or a white farmhouse style bed.  Of course, none of these can be found on craigslist.  I did manage to find a beautiful antique bed on craigslist, however,  it was only a full sized bed and I ended up putting it in my daughter's room.  See that post here.

In any event, I was in Lowes and made a spur of the moment decision to buy some spray paint and redo our current bed.  I bought one can of primer and one can of antique white spray paint.  This was going to be a 2 day project.  Quick.  Fast.  Done before my husband could put up a fuss.  Well, things did not go my way.

I started out by enlisting my oldest to help me take the mattress and box spring off the frame and then take apart the frame and haul it down to the garage.  He started out by asking me "why do you have to mess with the bed since it looks fine".   Followed by a "...is dad going to be mad at you" comment.  After assuring him that the bed didn't look fine and that since his dad was out of town for 2 days it wouldn't be a problem we got to work.

Once the frame was down in the garage I spent about an hour giving it a good sand.  Not only did I want the paint to stick but I wanted to soften some of the edges to give it a more time-worn look.

Then I started the priming.  I was able to prime the front and backs of the headboard but I did not have enough primer for the side rails.  I figured it would be okay with just paint especially because I was making a new bed skirt to hide them anyways.

After this dried I started with the paint.  Now I am not usually a spray paint person but I did not feel like painting each of those slats by hand.  Also I was on a self-imposed deadline.  Regular paint takes much longer to dry and I wanted this done quick.  

Well, so much for best laid plans.  After I had used the whole can of spray paint on just the front of the foot board I changed course.  It was not covering like I wanted and I didn't feel like buying 4 or 5 more cans to finish the rest of the bed frame.  So off I went to Sherwin-Williams (with my 30% off coupon) to get a quart of paint.

So fast forward a week of getting a brush in and out of the slats and sanding off drips and waiting for paint to dry and putting on a second and third coat and waiting for paint to dry and finally the bed frame is done.  

I really love the new color which is SW Crisp Linen.  It is a white with a tiny bit of yellow that makes it seem old or antique-like.  I think the new paint makes everything in our bedroom look better.  The wall color doesn't seem as dark to me now and the bed seems lighter and fresher.

The nightstand on the left came with the bed and is still the old cherry finish.  I will be painting that now too.

Do you see the new bed skirt in the bottom corner of this picture?  I will share that soon but it needs a few minor adjustments first.

For those that are curious the lamps are Pottery Barn and the folded quilt and the shams are  also Pottery Barn.  You can view the how to for the Love Pillow here.  The light blue quilt was a gift but I believe it came from Macy's.

Overall, I'm pleased with how the bed turned out even if I did have to paint it by hand.  I think it will keep my new bed wants at bay for another year or so - well, we'll see:).

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~  
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  1. The bed looks very fresh and crisp. Well done!


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