Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spring Bling

Ever since I put up the basket on the front door I've been in the mood for everything in the house to be more springy.  So in between all the other things that went on over the weekend I updated the console table that visitors see from the front door.

After I had taken down the Christmas decorations, the table was just hanging out with the lamps all by themselves so I added the runner and the rest of the accessories to jazz it up a little bit.

The glass jars were a clearance item at Joann's for $0.97 each and the floral stems were on sale too.  I cut up one branch to use in all three jars.

Then I added the vintage books under the lamps to finish off the top of the table.  I like it to be simple and not all cluttered.

On the bottom shelf I kept the stack of books and added an old antique hook to the top of the pile.  Then I just put an old crock and a set of Ikea baskets on either side of the books.  Ignore the cords.  Eventually I will get around to taping those so they don't show.

Here's a close up of the hook.  It came from our old house.  It was just hanging in the back of a closet all willy-nilly so I re-appropriated it for more decorative uses.  Eventually I think I will use it as a wreath hanger in our bedroom.  Until then it just floats around looking lovely wherever I put it.

Has anyone else added anything springy to their decor yet?  It seems a little early up here in  Chicagoland but then I read on Jane's blog that they are planting their veggie beds already - so jealous.

~ Gold Shoe Girl~

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  1. Love the spring look-I can't wait!! I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!!


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