Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Justified Impulse Spend

So do you all get those emails from Pottery Barn everyday or at least it seems like everyday?  Those "drive a sane person to spend way too much money on a salt n pepper shaker because it looks so awesome in the picture" emails?  Well, I've gotten a few in the last couple of weeks that have made me a little annoyed.  Not annoyed enough to unsubscribe but annoyed enough to write about it.

The email this morning was to let us all know about their new hardware collection.  It was enticing enough that I clicked on it and was able to view one of their new door knockers.  Here it is...

I love it.  I love the antique feeling and I knew right away that it would look great on our front door.  It would be a way to give our same old same old subdivision front door a little distinction.  Then I saw the price.  It is $39!!  That is a lot for a little ol' door knocker.  

But by this time all I can think about is how cool an old iron door knocker would look.  Now all because of that email all I can think of is buying a door knocker.  But I am cheap.  

So I head over to ebay, type in door knocker and by golly they have thousands listed.  Within 2 minutes I had found an actual antique with real patina and age and the highest bid was only $11.  So what's a girl to do but bid.  I mean it really was Pottery Barn's fault after all.  So I bid.  And after 4 hours of waiting I had won it.  I love winning.

All in my new antique door knocker cost $21.00.  A far cry from $39 at the Pottery Barn.  I call this a justified impulse spend because I could have spent almost twice as much so I saved us money thus justifying the entire transaction:)  Plus we are going to have this awesome door knocker for the front door.  

You agree with me, right?

~Gold Shoe Girl~

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