Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is it Strange...

...to miss a room?  More specifically a bathroom?  I hope not because I am missing my old upstairs bathroom something fierce.  

You'll have to excuse the grainy photos.  I took these in a rush with my old camera trying to capture the house before the movers came.  I don't have any before pictures but imagine the same room with white walls, crappy linoleum flooring and a bank of kitchen cabinets where the tub is now.

I loved this huge old window with its nice chunky moulding.
It looked out onto our backyard and let in tons of natural light.

When we bought our previous home we knew we would be putting in a new upstairs bathroom because at some point in time the upstairs had been converted into an apartment.  In order to accommodate everything they had placed a makeshift bathroom in the hallway - it actually had a door on each end so you could get to the rooms on either side.  One of the bedrooms had also been converted into a kitchen/laundry room.

It took about 3 years before we had the time and money to start the project but it turned out wonderfully.  We interviewed 3 contractors and choose a local one-man operation.  He was really, really slow but he had great suggestions and was okay with us buying our items ourselves.  Some contractors want you to use an allowance system buying from their suppliers. This has never worked out well for us - I just don't think you get your money's worth and you don't always get the selection you want.

Anyways the project entailed gutting the existing bathroom in the hallway, restoring the hallway to a hallway and turning the makeshift kitchen into a bathroom with a laundry closet.  It took 2+ months and I did all the painting myself.  Our upstairs was a disaster of dust, dirt, paint, equipment, tools, etc.  Plus I was making weekly trips to the local laundromat. 

In the end it was all worth it.  I loved that bathroom.  It was the perfect aqua blue color framed by the white moulding and all the little details came together perfectly.  I chose the striped shower curtain and towels from Target to keep the room from getting too girly for my husband.

That's our cat in the tub.  He suddenly started only drinking water from the tub faucet - strange.  More importantly notice the awesome hexagon and dot floor tile.  So simple and beautiful.

I cannot stress how great it was to have a 2nd floor laundry.  Best.  Thing.  Ever.  Now my laundry is in the basement.  Hauling laundry for 5 people up and down 2 flights of stairs is not my idea of fun.  It's like there is laundry everywhere.  So much nicer to be able to gather it up and keep it all on the same level.  

This picture shows the laundry closet closed and in the one below that you can see the stacked washer & dryer.  I had a cute little wire mesh basket hanging from an antique hook that kept all my detergent handy.

We choose a simple white subway tile for the tub surround.  I did that just to make sure that if I ever wanted to change the paint color or the accessories I could with ease.  I bought stock tile from Home Depot so this was a budget friendly part of the renovation.  All the shower and sink fixtures were from Delta in a satin nickel finish.  I was able to get the light fixtures and towel bars from the same collection so everything matched nicely.  

One of my must haves was 2 sinks.  Because this was a very old house we only had one upstairs bath so I needed to have a sink for the kids and a sink for me.  With some of the plumbing limitations we ended up having 2 vanities - one next to the toilet and one next to the window - which worked out great.  It actually kept the kid mess contained to their vanity while mine could stay clean:).

The vanities and the cabinet above the toilet were a special order from Home Depot.  The medicine cabinets were Kohler from Lowes.  I really liked them because they were mirrored on the sides too which threw some extra light around and they had a neat egg and dart detail around the frame.  They were a little more than I had planned to spend but it was worth it because they looked so good.

So...our new house is nice in that we have our own separate master bath but it is not close to being as lovely as my old one.  I shouldn't complain but builder's grade oak cabinets and big huge standard mirror just don't make my heart go pitter patter.  If you follow me on Pinterest you can see all my dream pictures for when the time comes to update our current master bath.

Until then I will just keep pining away for the old one.  Can you blame me?  Does anyone else have a room they miss from a previous house?

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~ 

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  1. I can see why you loved that bathroom. It was so pretty! Having moved numerous times, I always miss something from the previous house. I'm missing my big walk in pantry from the last house. It makes me nervous thinking about our upcoming house hunt. You can never find everything you want. Well, I guess if you had the money and/or could build it you could. I keep telling myself, someday!!


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