Friday, January 27, 2012

DIY Industrial Style Media Center

This home, unlike our previous one, has a finished basement.  Between the bar and the sound system it pretty much sold the house to my husband.  We set up all the video game stuff, movie stuff and music stuff down there upon moving in.  However, it wasn't pretty.  It functioned but it was definitely lacking in style.

I think the pictures speak for themselves.  Excuse the photos - there's no natural light in this part of the basement so getting good pictures is tricky.  Anyways this is the tv that you use for playing playstation games.  We just stuck it and the surround sound system on this antique table.  Gotta love all those ridiculous cords and wires.

Here's the other tv.  You use this tv for actually watching tv and playing Wii.  This setup allows both my husband and the kids to be playing video games together or for one person to watch sports while he's playing playstation.  Nothing like a little NBA while playing a little Madden (admit it you all know the names of those silly games too).  At first I thought this was such a waste and so silly and then I was like what do I care - all the better if they can all be hidden away in the basement while I have some quiet time to myself upstairs.

However, the ugliness and the mismatching did bother me.  I thought the industrial look would be perfect for our masculine basement setup.  I kept searching the craigslist and the web but nothing or at least nothing in my budget.

I loved this one from Restoration Hardware but it's $1100 and I needed 2.

Or how about this one from Pottery Barn - lovely but again a little pricey.

Then, one morning, I happened to be at Menards (a local home improvement store) and was cruising along and suddenly I saw it.  Our pocketbook friendly media solution was staring right at me in their shelving display aisle.  

So after a little paint and a little stain and a little creative rearranging we now have 2 new industrial style media centers.  Ta da.

This is a picture of the wide media center which is really two separate shelving units placed next to each other.  

This is the tall one. 

accessorized with things from around the house.  I used an old orange crate to hold all the video game controllers and the exit sign was a thift store find from college.

Eventually I want to add some items that have more color.  I used 2 cd baskets to hold all the video games and the books are all sports themed.

Here's one last view from the other couch.  I have been searching for some art for the walls but I don't want anything that screams "mancave".  Any suggestions?

I'm really happy with the way they turned out.  I think they not only mimic the pricier versions but I did it myself without needing a welder and saved a lot of money compared to the brand name versions.  Tomorrow I'll share all the how to details - but really it was super easy.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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  1. Fantastic ! I may consider this in my offc space. I hope you dont mind but a bowl full of lemons blogspot has a lil organization party goin on and I mentioned your bath and included a link. We were looking for a photo of honey oak cabinets and aqua colored walls. Thanks I am now a follower. Im off to check out older post tou will find me at

  2. GREAT idea! Thanks for posting this. :)


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