Friday, December 2, 2011

The Santa Tree

Today I am sharing our Santa Tree.  We placed this tree in our finished basement this year since the tree is fairly large and the basement can handle its size better than the smaller rooms upstairs.  The ornaments on this tree are all Santa related and the trim and balls are all done in red and white.  

As you can see I still have one trouble spot with the lights on this one.  I am hoping that it is one of those cases where all of sudden one day that section will magically decide to turn on:)

The kids love this guy because his belly actually opens up and usually I will hide some candy in for them to find.

I love the look of this next one but I am always wondering why he has no legs.  He's not broken because the bottom is painted so I just can't figure him out.

We are supposed to get our live tree tonight which means I will get it decorated tomorrow or Sunday hopefully.  If you didn't see our other trees check out the Angel tree and the Snowman tree too.  Next week I am going to share some new ornaments that the kids and I are making and how I decorated our kitchen hutch.  

I just love our house this time of year.  Can you tell:)

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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