Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Progress in the Kitchen

Just a quick post today to update everyone on the progress being made in the kitchen.  The honed granite counters were installed last Thursday and the tile work started on Friday.  The tile guy was back yesterday afternoon to finish the installing the tile and hopefully he will be grouting today.

I don't have any beauty shots but here are some of the work that has been done so far.

The next picture shows the island with the beadboard paneling installed and primed.  The black counters looks so much better against the white than against that orangey oak wood.  Like a million times better.

Putting up this paneling was so easy.  After I get the job finished I will do a separate post on how I did it.

You can see the new faucet was installed and the glass shelving in front of the window has been removed.  Taking down the shelving made a huge difference.  The window seems bigger and there's more light coming into the kitchen.

Here you can see the new paint going up in the kitchen which is meander blue from Sherwin Williams.  I only have the one side of the kitchen started but it is night and day from the other side.  The blue side is bright and cheery and the tan side is just blah.  I can't wait to get it all done.   I think the molding around the chalkboard looks so much better against the blue than the tan.

Try to ignore the loving message from my son to his sister.  Arrrgggg.

We also - well mostly my fantastically patient husband - installed the 2 lights that had arrived from Rejuvenation.  We are still waiting on the one for above the island.  So much better than the old brass ones.

You can see I am painting the trim in Pure White by Sherwin Williams.  I think white trim makes almost any paint color look better.  Even the yucky beige tan looks better against the white trim.  

So that's what's been done so far.  I am hoping for a big reveal soon.  There's not much left except for painting the cabinets which of course will take the longest to complete.  Although this kitchen has fewer cabinets than the last one, and it is just killing me to have the beautiful tile and counter without the cabinets done.  Maybe it will inspire me to work faster.  

~Gold Shoe Girl~

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