Tuesday, November 29, 2011

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

So I am a freak about Christmas Trees.  I love them.  I have been collecting and displaying all different kinds of trees ever since I established my own home years ago.  I am pretty sure I am over compensating because my parents were not at all into decorating for the holidays.  We were lucky if our tree got put up the weekend before Christmas.  For the last few years that my parents have been empty nesters they haven't even put up any decorations.  So analyze away.  

Now at my house we get a real tree for the living room and then we have 3 medium-sized artificial trees in various rooms and then many more smaller trees throughout the rest of the house.  I love everything about them:  the lights, the ornaments, the garland, the skirts, everything.  It makes the house seem special and homey.  

The craziness starts the day after Thanksgiving when I ask my husband to get all the many boxes and bins and such out of the attic.  Then the kids and I try to decided which tree goes in which room.  Then we start fighting with the lights.  Then there are a few trips to the Target and the craft store for new lights.  Then we hang all the ornaments.

A few years ago I decided that it would be nice for each tree to have it's own theme so today I am going to share our snowman tree.  All the trees in the house have white lights just to make everything somewhat cohesive.  This particular tree is done with blue, white, and silver balls, white glitter snowflakes, glass icicles and all the ornaments are snow or snowman themed.

One of my favorite things about having all these trees is the glow of the lights on the tree in the evenings.  We put this one in our office/library/music room.  You can see that I did switch my bookcases around to accommodate the tree.  Usually the kids books are in the corner shelf but I didn't want little readers knocking over the tree so I just flip flopped the contents of the 2 bookcases there.  I like how the family sign ended up as a backdrop for the tree. 

The next few pictures are closeups of some of the ornaments on this tree.  Most of the ornaments were gifts from my sister over the years.  She is really good at finding special original ornaments.

I love this next one because it is 5 snowmen just like the 5 members of our family.

I did take pictures at night and during the day.  You can see how the ones at night have that special glow while the ones taking in daylight are crisper.  

I'll share the rest of the trees this week.  The weather here has not been nice so we haven't picked out our live tree yet.  I'm sure we'll get it sometime this weekend.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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  1. I love your snowman ornaments. I collect snowmen, but I don't put them on my tree. I display them in my hutch. I just bought another snowman today.


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