Thursday, November 17, 2011

Antique Hook Coat Rack

How come we never seem to have enough places to hang coats and backpacks and other such paraphernalia?  I thought this house would be different because it has such a large front closet. What I didn't account for was that little ones cannot possibly reach the hangers.  And I must have been drinking if I thought they would actually put a jacket on a hanger.  Besides the front closet is called a front closet for a reason.  It's in the front of the house.  Not by the back door that is used most often.  Hmmm.  Must be a man who designed this house.  

Anyways, for the past few months this situation has left us with backpacks and jackets being left all over the floor and hanging off kitchen chairs.  This past weekend I decided to use some of my remaining antique hooks to get things under control.

I knew the drywall would not hold the hooks in place for long so we found a piece of scrap wood in the garage, measured it to fit the wall and screwed that into the studs.  We did make sure to put it at a height that the kids could easily reach.  Then I covered the screws with wood putty, let it dry, sanded and finally put on a quick coat of white paint.  After that was all done my husband attached 7 hooks from my stash into the board.  

It looks great and was quick and free solution.  It sure beats the versions at Target, etc where you get 3 small hooks on a piece of wood a foot long.  I think ours can stand up to generations of abuse.

Now I just hope the kids will put it to good use.  Okay.  I know what you are thinking.  At least I will put it to good use.

Here is a close up of one of the hooks.  It still has some old paint on it.

This one has a bronze copper color showing through the black.  

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~


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