Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Old Chandelier New Home

Since the first day we looked at this house I knew the dining room chandelier would be a goner.  The quicker the better.  I am just not a brassy gold person at all and this particular chandelier screams bright and brassy right at you.  I considered spray painting it, but I also hated the huge ball at the bottom and the little wingy pieces coming off the bottom of the arms.  There was just no saving this one.

Besides I had something special waiting in the wings.  When I was a kid we had a fancy chandelier with crystals that hung over our dining room table. I remember when we moved into that house thinking it was the fanciest most beautiful light I had ever seen.  About 2 years ago my mother replaced it with a more modern looking light fixture as she had never liked it.  I, of course, jumped at the chance to bring the old, dusty, light flickering thing to my house.

It sat in a box in our basement waiting for me to restore it.  Luckily I never had time to get around to fixing it up.  It then moved to this house with us and I saw my opportunity.  I found a lighting store that did rewiring and immediately took the chandelier in for repairs.  Let me just say it was not cheap to have it rewired and repaired, but it was cheaper than buying a similar one from an antique store or from ebay.  

This weekend my husband took down the brass one and hung up the antique one in the dining room.  I think it looks spectacular.  The crystals sparkle so nice in the sunshine.  We also added a ceiling medallion just for a little extra something.

Now I say that it is an antique although I am not quite certain but it was in my parents house for at least 30 years and it says made in Spain (you ask:  What does being made in Spain have to do with being an antique??  And I respond:  Well how many things that aren't antiques come from Spain?  And you just give me a look and that's that) and I saw a very similar one on a website being sold as an antique.

So here's how she looks now.  

I love that while it has fairly ornate metal work that the overall shape is simple.

This is closeup of the crystals on one of the arms and candle.  I think I was very lucky that given how long it sat in 2 basements and that it was moved 500 miles across the country none of the crystals went missing.

I love the detail work on the body of the chandelier.  

Below is picture of the new ceiling medallion.  The pattern in the canopy of the chandelier compliments the pattern of the medallion really well.

Piece by piece, I will turn this dime-a-dozen-suburban-subdivision house into our own unique home.

~Gold Shoe Girl~

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