Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday Night Special

You may wonder what a gal and her guy do on a Friday night when you live just outside the inspiring and vibrant city of Chicago.  Well, us big city folk like to do crazy fun things like makeover old wooden signs and play video games.  Wait.  That's not all.  while we paint we also take in some classic episodes of Friends, Seinfeld and How I met Your Mother.  All this fun is usually followed by some milk and cookies before bed at 10pm.  Yep.  That's just how we roll here in Gold Shoe Land.

So anyways, this was a quick project I did while watching tv.  I find that as I have gotten older I can't just sit and watch tv without something else to do.  I don't know if tv is too mundane now or I have developed some kind of ADHD or if I am in constant multi-task mode - anyone else with this disease?   In any event, I am trying to get some little things done and out of the way while I continue to wait for the big things in the kitchen to get moving.  You can read more about my kitchen plans here.  

I've had this sign since we bought our very first home over 10 years ago.  Back then our living room was done in the whole hunter green & burgundy color scheme so it fit right in.  Now my taste tends to be light colors and more modern french country than american country.  I still liked the sentiment on the sign so I thought I would give it a quick little makeover so I could use it in my kitchen dining area.

Here's the before...

I bought it at one of those "fall in the country" things where they have 100's of booths all at the fairgrounds.  At the time I was good with the pine and the green.  Now it is just too country for our home.

So I did a quick coat of primer over the top both to hide the green and the pine knots that were starting to come through.  Then I had a little sample pot of a light blue paint that I put over the primer.  Sometimes I am very impatient so before the blue paint even got a chance to dry I was painting the letters with some navy blue craft paint I had on hand.  

The next morning I finished the lettering and then started distressing.  I sanded down the corners, edges, etc with some fine grit sandpaper we had in the garage.  Then I found a small can of stain left behind by the old homeowners.  I used a wet paper towel dipped in the stain to "glaze" or "antique" over the blue paint.

Here are some closeups so you can see how the distressing and antiquing look.


This shot shows the finished product against the dropcloth tablecloth in our dining room.  It looks great here.  The blue is nice and subtle.

After I few hours I asked my husband to hang the sign up for me.  I wanted it above our patio doors right by our kitchen table.

Here's how it looks on the wall.

I'm not loving it.  It looks okay.  I think the blue is too bright against the tan walls and the oak woodwork.  Oh well.  It can stay there for now.  I am hoping that once I start to redo all the major kitchen stuff it will look better.  If not I can always repaint it another color next Friday night.

~Gold Shoe Girl~

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