Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Back

Today is the fall door link-up over at Southern Hospitality so I thought I would join in but instead of showing off the front of my door, which you can see in my sidebar, I decided to give you all the bait and switch and show you the back of my doors.

I told you that our old house we had a set of old-fashioned double doors so whenever I decorated them I always got 2 smaller sized items.  So this year when I unpacked the fall decoration box I realized I had all these doubles and I wanted to figure out a good place to put them to use.  It occurred to me that the back of our doors were just plain jane.  So I grabbed some 3M hooks and went to work.

Here's the back of the front door...

I like having something on the back of the door because I can see this from our office which is where I spend a lot of my time.  

So since I had 2 of these, which I picked up at the grocery store years ago for less than $15 each, I decided to hang the other one on the door that leads to our garage.

You see this one every time you go into the garage (duh - way to state the obvious) and also when you come in and out of the downstairs bathroom.  The little hallway where I am standing to take the picture is kinda small and blah so it's nice to have a little festivness at this end of the house.

The next picture is just a detail shot of the above decoration.  Just showing off the nice clear pictures I am getting with my new camera:)  Not blurry or fuzzy at all like the old camera.  Love it.

The last picture is of the front of the garage door.  Strangely this one makes me kinda happy whenever I pull into the garage.  It's like a little happy welcome home.  Maybe it's because everything surrounding the garage door is so white and dinged up and ugly that I appreciate the little bit of pretty.

Maybe I shouldn't leave you with this kinda icky picture.  Alright here's one of the front of the front door.

Does anyone else have any other non-traditional places they've hung their decorations?

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~


  1. Hi Alissa! I enjoyed your post on door decor in unexpected places...I saw it over at "Southern Hospitality". You have inspired me to hang a fall decoration on my back door too even if the family is the only ones who will see it.

  2. How cute!! I love them all! Especially that you put decoration in your garage... your house looks perfectly ready for fall!


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