Thursday, September 22, 2011

...and we're back... you may have noticed that it's been like a million years since my last post.  Well, I have to tell you that moving our family 600 miles was a little more draining than I had anticipated.  We got into our house about a month ago and it was the day before school started.  So on the first day of a new school I was trying to direct the movers, meet neighbors, and keep my youngest out of trouble.

In any event, I am now feeling more settled and was really missing my blogging.  Plus my friend Kim was complaining that without my posts she was really bored at work:)  Anyways, I am hoping that the blogging will help keep me on track for the many updates/renovations/projects that I have planned for the near future.  

I thought that today I would give you a peek at the new house and fill you in on some my plans.  

For those of you not familiar with our story we moved from a small town in the Buffalo, NY area to Naperville, IL, a large suburb outside Chicago, IL.  Our old house was built in 1866, was bought as a foreclosure and we spent the last 7 years renovating it.  Our new house is total suburb house.  It has the same floor plan as every other house in our subdivision, and it is only 15 years old.  These two houses couldn't be more different, but surprisingly I am finding that I have just as much remodeling work ahead of me here as I did at the old house. Granted, I am starting with a much better base but still I want to paint everything, change everything, and probably drive my husband to an early grave because of it:)

The one thing we won't be changing is the exterior of the house.  Not only is it fine and in great shape but now we have to get approval from the HOA to make any changes and it is my understanding that what you are allowed to do is fairly limited.  You can see picture of the our front door on the sidebar.

Here are some pictures of the downstairs...

This is the kitchen.   I already have one estimate and an appointment with the Home Depot on Friday about the counters.  They are hunter green laminate.  I'm sure in 1995 they were all the rage, but I am not loving them or the oak cabinets or the brass knobs and pulls.  Also, I noticed while we were house shopping out here that many houses have the cooktop above the single oven thing instead of a range.  Not sure what the advantage is, but I am missing my double oven so I am thinking of getting one of those new free-standing range with double ovens.  Plus I am not a fan of white appliances.  They just end up looking dingy over time.  So  stainless will be my new choice.

This is the kitchen nook which I am loving.  Our old kitchen did not really have room for this table set which I bought years ago but now it fits perfectly and looks great.  Ignore the big brass light.  It will be going.  Do admire the new rug which I saw in the PB catalogue but got for $50 cheaper on

And this is the typical suburban family room off the kitchen.  We are using it as our main floor living room as we have a finished basement which is serving as the family room/man cave.  

When we originally viewed the house it was set up with a formal living room off the front door, but I now have it set up as our office.  We don't really need 2 living rooms on one floor, and we do need a space for the computer and our books.  This new office space is getting a big facelift in the next week so I'll show you that in a different post.

This is the toy room.  The former homeowners used it as their office space hence the golf themed border.  For now it is fine.  Down the road I will update it.

Here is the main floor powder room.  I can't really get a great picture because the room is so small.  So it is super small and really, really red with an overly ornate mirror and a gold sink.  Yep.  Yep.  Yep.

The last picture is of the dining room.  It is high on my to-do list because we have some relatives coming for Thanksgiving this year.  I have an antique chandelier already being refurbished for above the table and I picked up the buffet off craigslist the 2nd week we were here.  I guess I just can't help but stalk the craigslist.  I want to paint the walls, the trim, add crown molding, a ceiling medallion, make new curtains, and recover the chairs after I paint them and the table.  I know what you're thinking - good luck.   That's why I am hoping that by putting it in black and white here I feel somewhat obligated to get my butt in gear.  We'll see how I do.

So that's all for this post.  

~Gold Shoe Girl~

p.s.  I didn't include any upstairs pictures because I thought this post was getting too long but as I get to redoing those rooms I will be sure to share.  Suffice it to say it is the typical suburban master bedroom with walk-in closet and bathroom and 3 bedrooms for the kids with a hallway bathroom.  Really nothing spectacular up there.  Yet:)


  1. Nice fall wreath on the front door- where'd you get it?

  2. The wreath was from Pier One many, many years ago. I added the bow last year to give it a little more pzazz.


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