Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Things from Etsy

My younger sister is getting married this June.  For the past month we have been searching for just the right materials for the bags that you give your out of town guests when they check into their hotels (there has got to be an official wedding name for those but I have no idea).  Anyways, we have been searching etsy and other websites, and I think we have finally narrowed it down a bit.

The bag itself will be a plain brown kraft bag like this one from PigsPaper on etsy.  I like the brown paper because she is having her ceremony/reception at a restaurant that used to be an old mill.  I think it ties in with the whole old fashioned feeling of the stone building and small town.

We have been debating over whether to put a tag or a sticker on each bag.  Here are some of the contenders.

This sticker below is from MAUpromos.  It is nice because she has birds on her invites and her wedding website so it would tie into the theme and they can be personalized with their names.  Not to mention it would be very easy for person who has to put all the bags together to just slap this baby on each of the 100 bags (hint hint).

I do, however, love the idea of some kind of more vintage tag that we could tie to the handles like this one below...

This is from Onamesleft.  Apparently she actually uses a real old typewriter on some of her items - really nice touch.

Another possibility is to order a custom stamp and use it either directly on each bag or on some blank tags or such.

This one is from lovetocreatestamps.  I really like this idea too since it is customized, and she could use the stamp for other things too.

The next few are from an etsy shop called seasonaldelights that I have been stalking for a few months.  She has the most beautiful things for sale.

I hope this little review helps my sister make her decision.  Although with choices like these it would be very difficult to not want them all.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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