Monday, April 4, 2011

Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Typically, I am not the kind of person that messes around with tried and true recipes but I happened to be at the grocery store in the baking aisle and noticed this new sugar substitute.

It is called ideal no calorie sweetener.  I had planned on making some chocolate chip cookies and this was right next to the regular brown sugar that I needed.  The packaging was pretty persuasive so I thought why not give it a try. 

It measures exactly like regular sugar so that was a bonus.  I don't want to mess around with conversions.  Both the white and brown ideal look different from real sugar.  The white is much finer, lighter grain than cane sugar.  The brown is not at all clumpy and moist and the package says this is normal.

About 2 weeks ago, I made my first batch with ideal just substituting the white sugar.  They turned out terrific. They looked like and tasted just like normal chocolate chip cookies.  This was terrific.  I actually didn't feel as guilty when I ate 4 of them that day:)

So then last night I decided to make a batch using the ideal as a substitute for both the brown and white sugar I would normally use.  I first noticed that as I was blending the ideal sweeteners and the butter that it didn't get as creamy as it normally does.  After I added the other dry ingredients the batter did look like normal cookie batter.  Then I baked them.  This is where the biggest difference appeared.  The cookies did not get flat.  You know how they usually flatten down and get round - well - they just retained their lumpy shape.  At first I was concerned that they would not be cooked all the way through but they are fine.  Just lumpy.

My fussy 4-year-old immediately told me that I did it wrong.  That I should have rolled them out like play-doh  to get them right.  He didn't like them at all but the other two kids thought they were fine.

Aside from looking a little strange, they taste almost like normal chocolate chip cookies.  I have to say that they are a little dryer than usual and they don't seem to hold together very well.  As soon as you take a bite they tend to fall apart.  I am a little disappointed because I thought I was on my way to finding a guilt-free cookie.

Before I completely give up I may try a few more combinations or adding a little extra water or something.  Maybe it will work better in a regular cake or cheesecake.  For the sake of science I may just have to try it in a number of desserts:)  If anyone has had any better luck or has any good recipes using this let me know.

You can check out the product details on its website at

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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  1. Thanks for posting about this sugar substitute. I have been looking for one that I can bake with. The other substitutes tastes terrible after you bake with them. I will look for this product the next time I'm in the grocery store.


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