Friday, April 15, 2011

New Kitchen Table Set

When we moved into our house we bought a Broyhill Attic Heirlooms set.  It is a round table that folds down on 2 sides with a drawer for tablecloths and such underneath. We also purchased 4 matching arm chairs.  The tabletop is a natural wood color and then the table legs and the chairs are black.  It is a solid, well-built so my style table set.

My husband has hated it since the day it arrived 7 years ago.  I will admit that it is a little awkward to get to the patio door.  You have to slide the table all the way over blocking the basement door and move the chair to the side in order to get in and out to the deck.  We used to have all 4 chairs in the kitchen, but it was very crowded.  We moved 2 of the chairs to the dining room about 6 months ago to gain some space.  I used to have the kids eat breakfast out here, but once we removed the chairs we started eating breakfast in the dining room. It ended up that the only thing being done on this table were my various projects, which was all good with me but my husband kept complaining.

So after years of listening to my husband's dissatisfaction,  I finally decided to look for another table.  After a few weeks of finding nothing appropriate (meaning cheap and stylish) on craigslist, I started searching on the internet and came up with a solution.  Here is our new bistro kitchen set.

Look how much space there is in the kitchen now.  I have to say it makes the kitchen feel a million times larger and this set lets all the sunshine in from the doors.  It will be nice for morning coffee and afternoon snacks.  Plus it was super affordable at only $125 plus $25 for shipping.  It seemed to be a fairly common set available at a number of stores, but I found the best price on

The table and chair legs are a matte black metal and the table top and chair seats are a nice solid wood.  I think I will be adding some felt to the leg bottoms just to make sure to not scratch the floors.  I was able to put it together myself with just a drill in about an hour.

Here's another picture of the kitchen now.

I have to admit I like having all the space to move around in the kitchen, and it is easier to get in and out the patio door.   Someday when we have a bigger kitchen I'll be moving those nice solid wooden chairs back in but for now this is a nice alternative.

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