Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Fortuitous Ear Infection


1. Happening by accident or chance rather than design.
2. Happening by a lucky chance; fortunate.  

Yesterday morning I got the dreaded call from the school nurse.  My daughter had been sent to the her office complaining of an ear ache.  So I headed over and picked her up.  We couldn't get her into the doctor's office until late that afternoon but, interestingly, she seemed to feel remarkably good while at home.  She and her younger brother actually had a nice afternoon playing together.

That afternoon as we were driving to the doctor's office, I literally almost came to a complete stop in the middle of the street. There at the curb was a chair - a french looking chair.  I gazed at it from the window, and it looked like it was in fairly good condition.  I hesitated.  I am not normally a trash picker.  I decided to keep going, but the whole time I was in the doctor's office I could not stop thinking about the chair.

As we were leaving the doctor's office, I told my daughter that on the way to get her prescription filled - yep double ear infection - that we would stop and get the chair if it was still there.  We drove down the street very slowly.  Good thing it is a slow street with little traffic.  At first we are not seeing it and I am getting disappointed.  Then all of sudden we see it.  It was further down than I had remembered.  I pull into the driveway.  Get out.  Take a peek.  It looks great.  I pop open the trunk and quickly shove it in.  Then we go get her prescription - are you understanding my priorities here:)

So without further ado here is the chair.

I have to say for a curbside find it is in great condition.  It needs to be cleaned but it is not smoky smelling which is good because I cannot stand smoke smell.  Someone took good care of this chair for many years.  I plan on reupholstering it and painting the frame.  My husband thinks I am crazy.  Certifiable crazy.

But then I show him the Bergere Chair that I really wanted from Ballard.  It's $1200 with delivery.  Granted you also get an ottoman but still $1200.

Here's his dream chair from Pottery Barn.  The Manhattan Leather Club Chair that costs $1550 delivered.

And here again is my free chair.  Look at the legs and the arms.  I can just imagine it in fresh new fabrics and with a little pillow added.

I don't think I'll get started on this until late next week.  I promised my daughter we would paint the hutch in her room first and I need time to find the perfect fabric and paint.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  This may be the only time I say thank goodness for that ear infection.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~



  1. I love curb side finds.. my husband thinks I'm nuts, bringing all that junk home, until he sees what I do with it..
    Your chair would have me screeching the brakes for!
    Can't wait to see what you do with it...

  2. Wow.. what a find.. I like you would have to think about it for a minute.. I'd say you were lucky it was still there when you decided to get it.

  3. Oh my I don't believe I could of drove by that the first time without stopping!!! I am ga ga over french furniture I would have stopped for that too!! Awesome find!

  4. We pick up stuff by the side of the road all the time. People throw away perfectly good furniture all the time. Just check for bedbugs and such! It is a pretty chair. ♥O

  5. This chair has some great possibilities~ a new paint job, some new padding, and some great fabric and Voila- a brand new chair! Great job of picking! Visiting from Linda's party.
    ~ Sue

  6. I just can't believe someone put that pretty chair out by the curb! Lucky for you!

  7. WOW...what an awesome freebie you found here. Thanks so much for sharing it at NTT!



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