Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Bathroom Tour

I thought that I would share our downstairs bathroom with you today.  Not because it is all that but because it was clean (after I spent 2 hours scraping the soap scum off the glass doors a few days ago) and because the other projects I was going to show off are taking me a little longer than expected.

When we moved into our house 7 years ago this downstairs bathroom was a disaster.  It had linoleum floor that was literally curling up off the subfloor, a few holes in the subfloor, gold fixtures, an old sink, an older toilet and a tub that even after I almost knocked myself out with bleach fumes was still somewhat grimy.  So needless to say this was one of the first major projects we tackled.   Not that we did any of it ourselves, but we did hire the contractor.  This was back when I was working full-time so we could afford to be a little indulgent plus we didn't really have the time to do it ourselves.

This room is tiny so excuse the funny viewpoints in the pictures.

This is the new sink and vanity, which I realize you can't see in the picture but imagine it matching the upper cabinet that you can see in the mirror.  Previously there was a pedestal sink which did not give us any storage.  I don't necessarily mind a pedestal sink but in our main downstairs bathroom I like to have the garbage and the other necessities hidden.  We have a granite counter top and oil-rubbed bronze fixtures.  You would be facing this as you were sitting on the john.

Those old house lovers out there might find it interesting that when we gutted the old bathroom we found that where the sink is now located there used to be a doorway to the room on the other side.  Also, at the end of where the tub is now there was a heat vent with a big old fashioned beautiful intricate register hidden behind the wall.  Even better was that when the previous owners walled up the register they didn't bother to disconnect the vent in the basement so we had been heating the inside of the wall.

The small plaque behind the faucet was given to me by my sister as a baby shower gift.  I am hoping that by keeping it here the messages will transfer to my kids brains by osmosis or whatever.

Here is another shot of the medicine cabinet and the light fixture.  I love the robe hook on the wall to the left.  It is hard to tell in this pictures, but the walls are painted just a regular light blue.

Here is a picture of my easter bunny towel.  My daughter wanted to be sure this was included.  It is an important element after all.  On the other side of the counter you can see the antique cut-glass dish I picked up at a thrift store years ago.  I filled it with a candle and some potpourri.

This is our tub and glass shower doors.  So the doors suck.  Not only did I cheap out and get the in-stock silver frame (it was not only in-stock versus 6-week wait but the oil-rubbed bronze version was almost $800 more) but they are a *itch to clean.  Even though we also have a new bathroom upstairs my husband insists on showering downstairs everyday thus getting soap scum all over said doors.  He claims it is so he doesn't wake us up in the mornings, but I really think it is so he can hog all the space for his products.  Has anyone else noticed that their husbands actually have more products than you?

I should focus on the positive like the beautiful faucet and shower head, but all I can see is the silver on those doors.  Everyone says that they don't even notice the silver, but it just draws my eye like a moth to a flame.

The tub surround is a rectangular shaped 9 x 12 tile.  I think it is a ceramic tile but I can't remember at this point.  It is peachy colored with gray and white running through it, and we did gray grout.  I like the tile but I remember that the store also had a white version and we thought it might seem too cold, but now I wish we had done the white so it would have been easier to change the paint color down the road.  You can see my fresh-cut daffodils peeking out from the top of the toilet.

Hope you enjoyed.

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~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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  1. Very pretty! I love the mirror and granite. The towel is very cute too. :)

    Visiting from Wow Us Wednesdays and looking forward to following you.

    Have a great day.


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