Monday, March 14, 2011


Welcome to Gold Shoe Girl blog.  This is my first post and I am really excited to get started.  I recently discovered the world of blogging this past December when I was looking for some clipart for a project for my kids.  I was lucky enough to find The Graphics Fairy and eventually that led me into a whole new world.

I couldn't believe how many others there were that shared my same interests and how many neat ideas I wanted to implement.  For a while I just lurked around reading posts but never joining in.  Then I got brave and started leaving a few comments and finally I decided that I would become a follower.  As I would read more and more posts my own thoughts and ideas for posts kept emerging.  After a while and some encouragement from other bloggers I decided to take the plunge and build my own blog.

Gold Shoe Girl is going to be a blog that is about my experiences as a businesswoman, as a mother, as a wife, as someone who loves decorating, reading, crafts, and many other things.  My intention is to not limit the scope of my posts but to just let my interests dictate what I share with you.  I know I will be writing about my home, my crafts, my kids, my husband, subjects that I have opinions about, books, things I love, things that I am good at and things that I just can't seem to get.

My blog list gives those people who inspire me everyday, but I want to give a special thank you to a few whose spirit of openness, helpfulness, and encouragement gave me the courage to try this on my own.  So thank you Miss Mustard Seed, craftaholics anonymous, and The Nesting Place.  Even though we've never met or spoken, your tips and personal stories made me believe that I too could be a blogger.

I especially need to thank my husband.  At first when I started talking about blogs and all day long I was Miss Mustard Seed this and the Nester that, he was like okay whatever dear.  Then when I made a book page wreath he thought it was strange but still let me hang it up.  Finally, a few days ago when I texted him to say that I was going to start my own blog he didn't even blink.  I have been on this computer for the past two days straight, and he has been nothing but encouraging.  He gave me ideas for some of my pages, and he even  logged on to be my first follower.   He has always told me that I am a really good writer (especially when I was working on his papers for school or his resume) and that I should find something where I could put that talent to good use.  Now that I am taking his advice I hope he doesn't regret it:)

I have spent a lot of time over the past few days building the structure of this blog, learning the terminology, getting gadgets, making a header, etc.  While everything is not yet exactly how I'd like it I will continue to tweak it as I go along.

I can't wait to hear from you and get your feedback.

Gold Shoe Girl


  1. Welcome to the blog world! I felt the same way when I started. It's amazing that there are ladies all over the world who are so much like me and now we know about each other through this wonderful technology. I'm so glad you're joining in. :)

  2. CONGRATS on starting a blog! wahoo! Way to go! I remember being so scared when I hit publish the first time. gah! welcome welcome! happy blogging!
    PS I stumbled your blog so hopefully get some traffic your way :)

  3. Well, I just made it to the very beginning of your blog and have enjoyed the trip backwards through time! I love your decorating and I love your old house! the color, the doorknobs, etc. You're so lucky to have had such a beautiful house like that! I've also considered blogging but am afraid I'll be boring. Ok, well, I just wanted to say HI and I'll be stopping in again sometime!


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