Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Printer's Drawer with Seashells

I saw this idea in a furniture catalog years ago and I loved the idea of having a unique way to display seashells.  I always love picking them up from the beach and usually they just ended up in a jar somewhere.  This idea let me show off the best ones and every time I see it I think of the beach.  It is currently hanging in our hallway, but it would look good in a beach-themed bathroom or above a headboard or as part of a collection of beach objects.

It is made from an old printer's drawer that I purchased at an antique mall.  I paid $15 for the drawer which is in decent shape although it is missing the original handle.  Most antique stores have a few of these, and I've seen them at garage sales too.  Most people use these to display little miniature pieces.

I had collected some of the seashells from our travels to Cape Cod and others I bought from ebay.  There are a number of sellers who specialize in seashells, and you can get some really beautiful and colorful ones fairly inexpensively.  Before you order you will want to measure the size of the compartments in your drawer to get an idea of what size shells and how many you will need.

After I gathered all my shells together, I placed them in the compartments without glue to find an arrangement I liked.  This took the most time of all.  Then all I did was use regular craft glue to adhere the shells to the drawer.  The only tricky part is finding a spot on the shell that will touch enough of the back of the drawer to stick.

You could do all kinds of arrangements with different shells by using all of one color or all of the same kind, etc.  I think it would also look good if you painted or dry brushed the drawer to give it more of a beachy feel.  

It turned out exactly how I imagined it and people seem really impressed when they see it although I have heard some "ocd" and "too much time on her hands" comments being whispered in that hallway:)

Here are some closeups...

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

I linked up to Savvy Southern Style's Wow Us Wednesdays.  I love her blog.  Check it out.


  1. I give this the biggest WOW of the night! I love seashells and this is a great way to display them! I live in Florida and have seashells in every room! lol ♥ This would be even better! ♥

  2. I adore seashells too and just like you, have bowls and jars and boxes full of them! This printer drawer is fabulous - I love the way it looks in your house. Really great idea!

  3. These printer trays are just to best to showcase shells and beach finds. Love them and have featured lots!!

  4. This is beyond awesome. Love anything coastal and this is a great way to display lot's of shells.

  5. I love seashells and this was such a creative way to display them!! Martina

  6. What a great use for that printer's tray. I see those all the time at the antique shops. Thanks for joining WUW.


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