Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Book Page Wreath

Now I know these were all the rage a few months back, and I am late to the party but I love an easy craft that I can complete in just a few hours.

I have been brought up to cherish books so tearing one up was not an easy thing to do.  My dad sells first edition books, and he gave me what those in that trade call a reading copy of From Here to Eternity so I figured that I wasn't ruining a book that might possibly be worth something.  I was extra lucky because this particular copy was way old and so the pages were already aged.  It didn't take me long at all and as soon as I was done I knew I loved it.

Best of all I had the perfect spot to hang it.  This brick wall is the backside of our fireplace that is in our sunroom.  It has this funny little knob that sticks out that we figure must be something to do with the liner.  Anyways it made the perfect hook for my wreath.  It looks so good hanging against the white bricks and it goes just perfect with our old house.

When I showed my efforts to my husband his initial reaction was to say that it was one of the strangest things he ever saw.  I told him it was all the blogging rage and all my faves already had some.  Still not feeling the love from him, I showed him a few etsy shops that were selling similar wreathes for $75 each.  I still don't think he appreciates the art of my wreath, but he certainly appreciates my that I did it myself:)

Gold Shoe Girl

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