Wednesday, March 23, 2011

House Paint Risk

The Nester is having National Take a Risk Day over at her blog.  I love the concept and her recent posts on not being afraid to do something new really hit home.

A couple of years ago we took a big risk when we painted our house.  It was a dirty flaking white when we bought it, and we knew we were going to have to paint it fairly soon.  When it came time to pick paint colors I was very nervous.  I have a habit of picking a color that is much darker than I thought it would be - which isn't so bad when it is just a room but a whole house is different.  This had to last for at least 10 years.  There's no do overs when it comes to the expense of painting a house.

So here's the before...

Now, this was taken just before we bought the house hence the cat on top of the roof and the odd little bench up there too (apparently the former owner was a little eccentric and liked to read out there with his many cats).  The house was plain white with a faded lime-ish green front door.

Here's the after...

We wanted to give our old house some added character so while we looked at some lighter blues we thought the darker blue shade gave the house more presence.  The trim was done in an antique white and then the doors were done in red.

I love love the doors.  I love the house color.  We have gotten a lot of compliments from the neighbors, and there have also been a small number people who are not sure about it.  I think that is more about their comfort level with color than how it actually looks.  All in all we are happy with our choices, and we're glad we didn't play it safe with plain old white.

Check out the other risk takers at The Nester's blog today.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~


  1. I love it! Not only do I think the blue looks amazing but I just love your house. Before we built our house we looked at several older houses but couldn't agree on one. I think yours is beautiful.

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I cannot believe the transformation!

  3. AMAZING!!! We bought a plain white farmhouse last summer and need to paint it. I think that a new coat of white would be easiest - but WOW does color look wonderful!

    *visiting from Nester party...

  4. Holy mackerel — what an improvement. I absolutely love it.

  5. The blue color looks amazing, and the red door too!
    Love it a lot!
    You have a really pretty blog...
    Please visit mine.

    Lovely greetings...

    PS: I´m your new follower:)

  6. Looks fantastic!! I would have been nervous to take the risk with a dark paint color...but that was definitely the right decision. Great job!

  7. It is beautiful! I really LOVE your door. We have a 1920's 4 x4 that we have been remodeling after a fire. It's been a huge amount of work but so worth it.

  8. coming over from nester...
    WOW! i wouldn't have known where to start with a new color. it turned out great!!

  9. Wow, I love it!! The blue really makes the white pop highlighting all the pretty details. The doors are awesome too, love how you painted them a contrasting color. I painted my door a deep red as well. I just did a blog post on my porch so you should come by for a visit!

  10. Such a big Risk, but so worth it! Love it, and those doors are heavenly!!!! I'm visiting fromt the nesters blog.


  11. The door picture on your profile looks really good. Nice work.

  12. Very've done a great job, the paint colors actually make the house look larger.


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