Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday Workings

So much going on at once.  Lots of school stuff and yard stuff and broken toilet stuff.  But in the sewing room I have managed to get a few things accomplished.  First up is this adorable pillow cover.  It is made from my Miss Kate scraps.  Nice crisp colors against a clean white background.  I'll eventually get it listed in the etsy shop.

This is my 2nd Miss Kate baby quilt.  It's quilted and ready for binding.  I used only the solids and geometric prints for this one.

Here's the quilt for my sister.  Also in Miss Kate.  It's in the process of quilting.  She's also going to get a pillow but with her baby's name on it.  If you can believe it I haven't started that yet.  I am making myself finish these other quilts then move on to the pillow.

And this is going to be a baby quilt.  It's a panel and some matching yardage I bought from when I bought the fabric for my mudroom bench cushion.  It's on my table just waiting to be basted.  I don't know why I got this out but I guess I figured as long as I was basting the other 2 quilts that it wouldn't take much to do this one too until I ran out of safety pins.  Oh well.  Tomorrow's another day. 

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Miss Kate Baby Girl Quilt

Here's my latest finish.  It's the Miss Kate baby girl quilt I've been working on for a week.

It turned out so pretty.  I love this Bonnie and Camille collection because it has so many different prints and solids.  I did this quilt using just the prints and I have another in progress that is using everything except the florals.  I'm hoping it will be a nice gender neutral quilt when I'm done.  

These bright prints look so crisp next to the white.

I quilted it along the seams using the narrow side of the presser foot.  It gives it an interesting pattern on the white back while still leaving it nice and soft.

Originally, I was making this for my husband's coworker but now I decided to do something different for her and put this one in the etsy shop.  I need the inventory because last night I received my first order from the UK - very exciting!  A wonderful customer snapped up both the Country Girls quilt and the Star quilt - hope she loves them.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What I'm Working On

What am I working on, you may ask.  And I will answer, too many things at once.  My own fault because I want to do them all and I want to do them all now.  So here's the rundown.

Bench cushion for the mudroom project.  The mudroom itself is still not done either.  Still working on the painting.  Have not even started installing the floor - although the tiles are sitting in the front foyer which is driving my husband crazy.  Ordered the new light which will be here on Friday.

Anyways here is my fabric for the bench cushion.  It is a Colonial Williamsburg fabric called Nassau Vine Toile Onyx.  I really like it and am also thinking of ordering more to use in the kitchen.  I think the black and white make for a good neutral background and it wouldn't clash with other things in the kitchen like tablecloths or dishes or holiday decor.  But until the mudroom and a few other things get done I won't let myself add anything else to the project list.

I am still deciding which way to go with the cushion itself.  Should I do...

...contrasting piping like this photo or...

...a tufted looking edge like these from Ballard Designs...

I am leaning toward the tufted version only because those look more solid and sturdy and look like they can put up with the abuse my family will give them.

Here is the pinwheel quilt for my sister.

As soon as that ric rac gets sewn down the top will be done and we'll be on to basting and quilting.

Next is the baby quilt for my husband's coworker.

This is also pinwheels done in Miss Kate by Bonnie and Camille.  The blocks are all laid out and just waiting for me to sew them together.  I'm keeping it simple with this one - no borders or fancy trims.  

Of course, there are a few other things going on too that are not picture worthy yet or maybe never.  Unless you like pictures of our damp basement, weedy garden, or toilets being replaced:).

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sunshine Yellow Baby Girl Quilt

I finished this lovely little baby girl quilt up earlier in the week but didn't get a chance to take pictures until yesterday.

The fabric is Sandy Gervais' Chance of Flowers collection.  I used this to make a custom order earlier this year and had a tiny bit leftover - not enough to scrap but not enough for anything significant.  And you know I can't stand having random pieces of miscellaneous fabric collections around so I cut it into 3.5 inch squares and did a little checkerboard patchwork.  

It turned out very cute.  Not really gender neutral because of the florals but not super frilly girly either.  I quilted just the white squares and I love how it makes it feel super soft and cuddly.

I still had a few squares left so I whipped out a doll set too.  The doll quilt was quilted crisscrossing all the patchwork squares and I gave it a scrappy binding.

I even quilted the pillow front on this one.

Both are available in my etsy shop if you're interested.  

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Painting and Piecing

A short post today just to share what I've been working on for the past week.

I broke into my fat quarter bundle of Bonnie & Camille's Miss Kate to start 3 simultaneous projects.  One quilt for my sister's baby girl due in December, another quilt for a lady in my husband's office who's expecting her first baby (also a girl) in October and then while I was at it one for the etsy shop.

It's actually working out really well and I feel super efficient so far.  Each quilt is a little bit different but I'm using pinwheels for all so it was just as easy to cut and piece them all at the same time.

Meanwhile in the mudroom...

...painting has commenced.  Our mudroom is actually 2 tiny little rooms.  The one with the ladder is a coat closet and then there is the little room in front where you come in from the back door.  

We are replacing the really worn out floor and so have decided to freshen up the paint and lighting too.

It's taking forever to get all the trim painted.  There's so much trim in these 2 little rooms - the bench, that huge window, the back door, 2 doorways, the baseboard, and the shelving in the coat closet part.  And it all needs 2 coats of paint.   

I got the coat closet trim and shelves done over the weekend and my husband got started on the wall paint.  It was super nice of him because it is really scary up on that tall ladder trying to cut in around that 11 foot ceiling.  Plus it gets nice and hot when you're up that high.

I'm trying to work on it here and there because I'm super excited to get onto the floor.  The flooring arrived this week and next week I'm expecting the new light and the fabric for the bench cushion I want to make.  So I want to get this painting done and over with as quickly as possible so we can move on to the fun stuff.  Of course, it doesn't help that all 3 kids and I have come down with a mild case of the back-to-school sniffles.    It's always something:).

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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