Friday, August 22, 2014

Country Girls Cuteness

Here's a really quick finish for Friday!

While I was waiting to get some thread to finish up the blue star quilt I whipped out this adorable baby girl quilt.

And when I say whipped it out I mean cut to done in less than a day.  I just love when cute fabrics come in these easy breezy cheater prints (Riley Blake are you listening - please make more)!  It occurred to me as I was quilting this that these types of prints are just so handy for beginner quilters or those who hate piecing.  

My daughter pieced her first doll quilt a few days ago and I could tell her attention span was waning by the third row and even though she finished the top she hasn't quilted it yet.  I think I may try her on some of this fabric to try the quilting so she can finish a project quicker.  It's so much more encouraging and exciting to kids if they can finish up the project in an hour or two.

The front is made from Tasha Noel's Country Girls collection.  It is a full piece of this wonderful patchwork pattern.  There are at least 18 different types of squares in this print.  It would have taken a million years to cut out that many different squares and then another million to piece them all together.  

The back is a whole piece of the main print which is also super adorable with all those little girls and their country farm ways.

I quilted it in straight lines crisscrossing the patchwork squares on the front. 

The binding is made from another print in the collection which is white with little blueberry clusters.

I'm so happy with how quickly I was able to get this done and how well it turned out.  It sorta satisfied my need to use some of that fabric collection...for now:).  I still have a whole stack of the other prints from the collection just waiting for me to get to them.  

And like usual it's in my etsy shop if you're interested.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blue Star Quilt

Nothing fancy today.  Just a glimpse at my newest custom order.

I am doing up the star pattern I did for the spectacular star baby quilt but this time in all blues.  My sweet customer is expecting a little baby soon and had been stashing away these fabulous fabrics.  

I finished the top yesterday and am off to find some matching thread today.  We are doing the back in one of the dark blue prints.

Here's the star when I was trying to decide the best layout.  I get all fussy about making sure the values are all spaced nicely and that I make sure I don't have all the small prints next to each other etc.  Layout is probably the one area that I spend way too much time on but I can't stand when I finish a quilt and then see 2 of the same blocks or prints too close to each other.

Today was the first day of school for my 3 kids so it is taking me a little bit to adjust to the new routine and the silence of the house again.  Although, the dog got into some garbage last night and there is nothing like the sound of an old dog belching and farting to break up the silence:).

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Quick Powder Room Updates

On my last post about our powder room remodel I mentioned that I was hoping to find a little cabinet for above the toilet.  Well, unbelievably, I found one while on vacation!  Even better was that it was way below my budget and I love it.  And most unbelievably it is already hung up in the bathroom!!!

I've posted before about our cottage on Lake Ontario which we visited last week.  We've owned it now for about 9 years and when we lived in NY we were there almost every weekend during the warm summer months.  Now that we live in Illinois we try to get back for a week at a time in June, July and August.  Well, all the time that we have been at our cottage we always drove by this huge red barn selling antiques.  We always said that someday we would stop but we never did.  Well, finally last week I did stop.  And it was awesome!  Tons of dealers, nice and neat layout, super friendly staff and best of all fantastic prices.  So long story long you if you are in western NY you should spend some time at the Shawnee Country Barns Antique Coop.  

So I found the cabinet in one of the booths kind of tucked behind some other objects.  I knew it was perfect especially when the tag said $30!!!  

The outside has all kinds of dings and odd nail holes and old paint remnants.  I have the feeling it was hung up in someone's basement or garage.  It also has this weird little metal piece which I think is broken but may have been used to keep the door closed.  Who knows but I love the character it adds.  

It gives the bathroom a neat collected feeling.  I haven't filled it all up yet but you can see the inside is just right size for a few rolls of tp and our often used tube of mom's magic cut cream otherwise known as polysporin.  

Now you may have remembered that I also wanted to replace the old faucet.  While it was aesthetically what we wanted functionally it was corroding around the bottoms of the pieces and the cold water side turned on backwards.

Well, I searched and searched and hemmed and hawed, and finally, I found a new faucet in my ideal price range at Lowes.  I had every intention of installing it myself, but I could not get that darn old one off.  I had the plumber in and it took him a bunch of muscle to get the darn thing off.  It made a huge rusty mess all over the floor too.  While it was a bummer to pay the plumber, it was nice because he also replaced all the rusting icky pipe stuff underneath and he fixed the sink in place so it no longer turns and wiggles.

The new faucet looks great and works like a faucet should work.  In case anyone is interested I bought the cute little hand towel yesterday at Target for just $7.99.  

I figured I deserved a little treat after taking 3 kids school supply shopping - which btw does anyone else find it ridiculous that one teacher would request 60 (not kidding 60) presharpened pencils?!?!?!  I mean that equates to my kid using up at least 1.5 pencils each week of school.  How does anyone use up that many pencils?

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pretty Pinwheel Quilt

This pretty pinwheel quilt is my new favorite.   I know I say that after every new quilt I make but I just can't help it.  This one reminded me of how much better I like prints mixed with a healthy dose of white - they seem so crisp and bright and you can really appreciate each print that way.

Just like my star baby quilt I used Sara Morgan's 1930's reproduction collection Toybox IV to make this quilt.   These prints are all small scale florals.  Either white flowers on a colored background or multicolored flowers against a white background.

Originally, I only bought a fat quarter bundle but I loved these fabrics so much I am hoping to get some more soon.

The binding is scrappy - made from the leftover strips of fabric.  I think it sets off the border and back perfectly.

I used Kona white for the back.  I prefer a white back when the top has so many different fabrics.  The white back really keeps the attention on the pattern and prints on the front.  Plus the quilting really shows up against the white even though it is white thread.

Eventually I am going to find a better place to take these full size pictures.  The light in this corner is terrible and it makes the colors look off.  Plus the wall has all kinds of holes and scuffs that need to be fixed.  But for now it gives you a general idea of how the whole quilt looks and its size.  This one finished up at 52 x 68 inches.  A nice generous lap/throw size.

I did put this one in my etsy shop but I won't be sad if it doesn't sell:).  

We're off to our cottage again soon so I'll be back to making Christmas tree ornaments for awhile.  Then I have two piles of fabric that have been making me feel guilty - a whole collection of Country Girls and a smaller bundle of Rocket Age.  Oh and that little mud room project that I started last week needs to get done too.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Powder Room After and Before

The phrase "before and after" seems backwards to me.  I always want to lead with the fancy good looking after pictures first and then show you the before crap that started the project.

So first you can see our updated powder room.  The room measures about 5 feet x 5 feet so you'll have to excuse the cramped pictures.  

The only major purchase and installation was the tile floor.  Happily, it was also the easiest part of the project since we had it done by the professionals.

It really turned out wonderful and is so much better than the worn out stained vinyl floor that was there before.

Because we had to replace the shoe molding I ended up painting all the trim.  The old color was an antique or off-white and I replaced it with a nice new bright white.  After the wallpaper was removed I painted the walls in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.  It could be the most perfect blue/gray/green paint color we've ever chosen.  

We kept the toilet.  It is a fancy style by Kohler.  We will probably need to replace the insides in the next couple of years but the toilet itself was in good shape and new ones in this style are expensive.  I did buy a new wooden seat for the toilet.  Surprisingly, it really did look a lot better than the old worn out plastic one.  

The toilet paper holder is new and I highly recommend this style over the kind with the spring loaded piece in the middle.  This kind is much easier for the kids to change and makes it a lot less likely that it will get pulled off the wall prematurely.

I did replace the light switch, outlet and the switch plates.  One of the strange things about this house is that the previous owner obviously went to a lot of trouble to get antique door hinges, window hardware, doorknobs, etc but yet put in the cheap plastic switch plates.  These new ones look so much better.  And, yes, I did it do the electric work myself!!!  It was actually pretty easy.

We kept the pedestal sink but put in a new mirror, light fixture and towel ring.  All the accessories were purchased in a chrome finish to match the faucet.  

I decided against a medicine cabinet in here since this is really just a powder room.  I do want to get a small cabinet for above the toilet for all our various little sundries.  We want a cabinet that is antique or a little more unique than the usual over the toilet variety so it make take a few months to find one.

Behind the door across from the toilet you will find our art print from Janet Hill Studio.  I still love it as much as when I first found it on etsy.  I had it framed and matted at Hobby Lobby.  It gives the room a little pop of personality.

And on the front of the bathroom door...

...I hung a pretty basket of sweet daisies.  

And finally the obligatory blogger before and after collage shot...

It was a bit of work to get the wallpaper down but in the end it was so worth it.  Everything in the room feels fresh and clean and just lovely.

Here's the rundown on sources:
  • wall paint - Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams
  • trim paint - Pure White by Sherwin Williams
  • floor - American Olean hex white with black dot from Lowes
  • toilet - Kohler
  • mirror - allen & roth from Lowes
  • light fixture - Progress Lighting Victorian Collection from Home Depot
  • towel ring & toilet paper holder - allen & roth from Lowes
  • switch plate cover - Lowes
  • baskets on toilet - Ikea
  • art print - Janet Hill Studio on
  • door basket - Joann Fabrics
  • curtains - Country Curtains

All in I spent about $1000 with the biggest expense being the the floor.  I saved money by keeping the toilet and the sink and by removing the wallpaper myself.  It is a lot of money, but for us the powder room is a very public space so we want it to look nice for our guests.  We also keep telling ourselves that if we ever had to move in the next few years that we have really added some good resale value.  In the end though it's worth it if only because it makes us happy to have such a nice new room.

~ Gold Shoe Girl ~

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